Movies About the Development of the Protestant Reformation and the Jesuit Counter-Reformation New World Order

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Don’t know what movie to watch? Are you spending too much time searching through Netflix for a good movie?  I have compiled a list of movies that have connections to the real New World Order Agenda: The Roman Catholic Church’s Counter Reformation. These movies reflect real history, not an abstract Conspiracy Theory.

Comment below to suggest further additions.

13th Century

Kingdom of Heaven- The Jews are not the real Zionists. The Catholics are.

14th Century

John Wycliffe

15th Century

The Borgias

16th Century


The Tudors

Elizabeth R

Mary, Queen of Scots

God’s Law, The Story of William Tyndale

17th Century

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot. This great BBC Miniseries details the life of Mary Queen of Scots and  her Son James I focusing on the Jesuit Conspiracy of the Gunpowder Plot.


The Last King-Chronicles the life of Charles II and his pro-Catholic, Protestant persecuting family who spread immorality among a Protestant Nation by opening up the theatres. God judged his reign with the Great Fire of London.

Shogun-The history of the Jesuits in 17th Century Japan. From Wikipedia: “The story is based on the adventures of English navigator William Adams. The series follows Pilot John Blackthorne’s experiences in Japan in the early 17th century”

18th Century

John Adams- The beginning of America’s national debt.

The Mission- Possibly the most important movie on this page. This is the History of the Jesuit Reduction in South America. Here Communism is perfected and the Creation of Racial Liberation Theology.

The Last Samurai-The late 19th century attempt by Yankee Capitalism to destroy Japan’s ancient culture during the Meiji Restoration

19th Century

Far and Away- The impoverishment of Ireland Pursuant to Irish Catholic Invasion of America

The Opium War- The British Destruction of China pursuant to the later Revolution via Lord Shelburne’s East India Company. Shelburne was known as the “Jesuit of Berkeley Square”.

Gangs of New York – The impoverishment of Ireland Pursuant to Irish Catholic Invasion of America

Into the West: The Yankee Genocide of the Native Indians

Dances with Wolves- The Yankee Genocide of the Native Indians (Remember, Costner is leaving the Yankee army to be with the Indians not the Confederate Army.)

Geronimo: An American Legend- The Yankee Genocide of the Native Indians

Custer’s Last Stand-The Yankee Genocide of the Native Indians

O Brother, Where Art Thou?-Reconstruction era propaganda, mocking the South as a backwards, ignorant, impoverished and obstinate conquered people whose land is about to be infused into the Yankee grid.

Murder By Decree, Historical Fiction of the Patriarch of Freemasonic Serial Killers “Jack the Ripper”

20th Century

Michael Collins-The Irish Catholic Jesuit led IRA

Titanic-The sinking of the Titanic and the killing of the greatest enemies of the Federal Reserve Bank; primarily John Jacob Astor.

Titanic Blood and Steel- This series shows how Titanic was deliberately built to sink.

Hoodlum-The savagizing and impoverishment of American blacks. Was abolition really intended to help the blacks or to destroy the White Protestant Culture of America?

Judgment at Nuremberg

The Flowers of War-The Rape of Nanking-Jesuit Communism Invades resisting Chinese.

The Doors-The occultizing of America’s white youth led by High Level Freemason Aleister Crowley who was Morrison’s inspiration.

JFK Director’s Cut

Remember the Titans-History of forced integration brought to us by Jesuits John Lafarge Jr. and Theodore Martin Hesburgh.

Air America- Vietnam’s de-patriotizing of Americans pursuant to their new demoralized drug addicted, nihilist party culture all overseen by the Knights of Malta CIA

Apocalypse Now-Vietnam’s de-patriotizing of Americans pursuant to their new demoralized drug addicted, nihilist party culture.

Platoon- Vietnam’s de-patriotizing of Americans pursuant to their new demoralized drug addicted, nihilist party culture.

The Killing Fields- The Jesuit Communist Inquisition in Southeast Asia

American Gangster-International drug trade in the 70s overseen by the CIA

Blow- International drug trade

The Godfather Trilogy- Francis Ford Coppola stated that he based this story on the Old Borgias Family. This is the presence of Italian Knight of malta controlled Mafia in America. Michael Corleone is brought into the order at the begining of part 3.

Scarface-The CIA created Cocaine boom of the 1980s. America to be demoralized in preparation for Revolution just like China with the Opium Wars in the 19th century. The blacks especially are to become absolutely savagized with the crack epidemic.

New Jack City-Movie about the beginnings of the Crack epidemic overseen by the CIA as was revealed in the Iran Contra Affair

Taxi Driver-Oh the joys of Yankee Capitalist Culture

Crips and Bloods: Made in America-following the crack epidemic

Erin Brockovich-Case studies in the  cruel slavery of Yankee Capitalism

Oranges and Sunshine-Exposing the Vatican’s Child Flesh Market

American History X- White Men Begin to See the Civil Rights Era was Designed to disenfranchise them


Boyz N the Hood-Integration destroyed the black community. Black business owners left the black communities for the white communities.

Conspiracy Theory-Propaganda film used by the CIA to mock us as we are powerless to stop them and to demonize anyone who speaks out as a crazy loon.

Eyes Wide Shut- A sneak peak into the secret orgies of the Knights of Malta and the Masonic “Nobles” of America.

21st century

Mugabe and the White African-Documentary on the Genocide of White Protestants in South Africa

Human Trafficking-The Vatican’s 21st century Flesh Market

The Social Network-The CIA’s profile database.

Avatar-Jesuit racial liberation theology-The retelling of the Portuguese white men who destroyed the  Jesuit’s Reduction in South America.

War of the Worlds-An eerie re-telling of the fact that our government also has weapons underground that they are waiting to detonate.

Vantage Point-Propaganda about the President’s double being assassinated. Is our president going to use this technique to start a full scale race war?

Jericho-Propaganda about a coming Nuclear attack in America.

Mad Max-Is this the world to come?