A Defense of Biblical Racialism-Kinism Against Theonomy Resources and Brian Schwertley


To those who think the blacks really don’t have a desire to start a race war:

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If Mitt Romney wins the election…..I’ma start a riot I’ma start a riot!”


Rap Music Promotes White Genocide

Here’s the rub! Whenever my work is discussed, the writings on this page are thrown before my defenders as proof that I am an unstable, bigoted racist. Before examining these writings please take these two articles into consideration:

The Communist Origin of the Term “Racist”

Friedrich Engels on Integration and Miscegenation

Concerning the Africans

To wet your appetite:

These articles will suffice for a summary of Biblical teaching concerning race, Nationalism, African slavery,  and the all out culture war against White Anglo Protestant Culture beginning right before the Civil War.

Proud to be a White Anglo Saxon Protestant; Against American Anti-White Racism Part 1

Proud to be a White Anglo Protestant Part 2

Proud to be a White Anglo Protestant Part 3

Proud to be a White Anglo Protestant Part 4; More Crimes Against White Anglo Protestants; The Impoverishment of the Southern Protestant Colonies

Proud to be a White Anglo Protestant Part 5; Who Kidnapped the Africans?

Proud to be a White Anglo Protestant Part 6; Biblical Nationalism and Ethnic Distinctions Divinely Ordained

Proud to be a White Anglo Protestant Part 7; Is the difference between the races just the color of their skin? I deny

Alexander Mcleod’s Negro Slavery Unjustifiable Reviewed

Who Originally Kidnapped the African Slaves of the Atlantic Trade?

Did the First Humans Come Out of Africa? I Deny!

The Destruction of White Protestant Culture Through the Sensualistic African Music Culture

The Origin of the Term “White Devil”; The Jesuit Roots of Anti-White Racism

RE: Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Origin and Impact of Racism

The 20th Century Creation of the American Thug Life Savage Black Man

 Jim Crow and Historical Mythology

Who Built Egypt?; Case Studies in Black African Societal Impotence

A Defence of Virginia by Robert Lewis Dabney as an Examination of my Article on Mcleod’s Negro Slavery Unjustifiable and Contemporary Anti-White Propaganda

Black racism and race hatred of non blacks blog

Awesome Debate! Jared Taylor and Tim Wise debate “Merits of Racial Diversity”

The Incarnation of Drake’s Jesuit Race War Conspiracy Theory: Michael Pfleger

The Jesuit Inspired Boer Genocide in South Africa

So You Hate all Things White European. But Wait, Isn’t Communism European?

Genesis Chapter 9; Does it Really Compass the Whole Line of Ham or Just Canaan’s Line?

The Truth About Genesis 9 and Race Relations; Can You Handle The Truth?

Did The White People Of This Original Colony Of Virginia Kidnap Africans To Make Them Their Slaves? A Helpful Reminder From The History of Virginia In The Hopes Of Avoiding A Coming Race War

A Biblical Defense of Racialism

The Conspiracy of Failed Integration

The Conspiracy of Failed Integration (Part 2)

Who Are the Oppressed?

Jared Taylor at Towson University: The Case for White Identity

The “Real” Zeitgeist Challenge Debunked

Population Exchange Between Greece and Turkey; A Good Example of Peaceful Segregation

John Robbins’ Slavery and Christianity Refuted; Part 1

John Robbins’ Slavery and Christianity Refuted; Part 2

Boycott Django in Kentucky; Jamie Foxx’s Attempt at Race War Exposed in His Recent Movie

Robert Lewis Dabney Refutes the Abolitionist Appeal to the Golden Rule

Black Invention Myths

Concerning the American Indians

“It is my purpose to utterly exterminate the Sioux”[1]

                                                                                                                                                                                     John Pope, General of the Union Army

Dabney, Defence of Virginia,

“In pleasing contrast with these enormities, stands the contemporaneous legislation of the Colony of Virginia touching its Indian neighbours. By three acts, 1655 to 1657, the colonists were strictly forbidden to trespass upon the lands of the Indians, or to dispossess them of their homes even by purchase. Slaying an Indian for his trespass was prohibited. The Indians, provided they were not armed, were authorized to pass freely through the several settlements, for trading, fishing, and gathering wild fruits. It was forbidden to enslave or deport any Indian, no matter under what circumstances he was captured; and Indian apprentices or servants for a term of years could only be held as such by authority of their parents, or if they had none, of the magistrates.* Their careful training in Christianity was enjoined, and at the end of their terms, their discharge, with wages, was secured by law.”[2]

These laws can be read in Hening’s Statutes at Large, Being a Collection of all the Laws of Virginia from the first session of the Legislature, in the Year 1619.[3] [4]

Thomas E., Woods, Jr., Ph.D., The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History (Regnery Publishing: WashingtonD.C., 2004), pg. 8 says,

“Meanwhile, while the king had issued colonial land grants, the Puritan consensus, evident in their words and their actions, was that the king’s charter conferred political and not property rights to the land, which Puritan settlers sought by means of voluntary cession from the Indians.”

Did the White People of the Original Jamestown Settlement, Pursuant to the Establishment of the Colony of Virginia, Obtain Land and Influence by Conquest and the Genocide of Native Americans? I Deny

Why Did the White Europeans Come To North America?

How Did the White Men from England Take Possession of Kentucky?

How Many Native Americans Were Killed in the So Called North American Genocide?

The French Roman Catholic-Native American Allied Powers vs. the English Protestant Colonies; A War that Still Wages Today

Trail of Tears? More Case Studies in The Native Genocide Myth

John Locke on the Acquisition of Property and Land Pertaining to the Native Americans