Yankee Capitalism’s Darwinian Roots Monday, Apr 29 2013 


End Darwinism in the Public School Friday, Apr 26 2013 


Obama’s Gay Lover Larry Sinclair Friday, Apr 26 2013 


Kevin Annett Exposes Benedict XVI and New Pope Francis; Two New Websites Exposing Vatican Genocide Thursday, Apr 25 2013 

International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State


Eric Jon Phelps to Have a New Radio Station; I will have a weekly broadcast Tuesday, Apr 23 2013 

Last week, I had a discussion with EJP where he mentioned having me on as a weekly speaker. He wants me to do a couple broadcasts a week. We have not yet established a time slot yet but it was confirmed last night on EJP’s Monday night broadcast:

http://firstamendmentradio.net/ – Go to “Eric Jon Phelps” – Monday Broadcast – 45:30 and after.

The Mosaic Law and the Sabbath; A Response to Chris White; A refutation of Chris White’s “Should Christians Keep the Sabbath in the New Covenant?” Monday, Apr 22 2013 


CNN Contradicts Itself on the Arrest of Accused Suspects in the Boston Bombings Friday, Apr 19 2013 

I am guessing that the Federal Government had cooked  up a story for CNN to begin propagating, and so much information on the Internet news-feeds began to surface that contradicted their cooked up story that they had to do a 180 to save face. CNN is pathetic:

Black Mob Violence In Chicago; NUTS! Wednesday, Apr 17 2013 

The Yankee abolition philosophy which rose out of the Semi-Pelagianism of the “Second Great Awakening” and perfected in the Uncivil Rights Era is fully developed in Chicago. The Blacks are utterly Savage and all hell is breaking loose.



Still think Drake is a conspiracy theorist? This will continue to happen and when it it comes full blossom, those of us who have been exposing it will be considered heroes to our white peers. Ignore all the desperate personal attacks of the white libtards my white racialist brother. In a short time, we shall be considered the Orthodox and they the heretics.



Gabe From “On Behalf Of All” Cuts Me Off Wednesday, Apr 17 2013 

Eastern Orthodox Apologists love to explain how the Reformation has failed in America and is a dwindling movement, by accusing the Reformed System of religion as being the cause. Of course, they know jack about the actual History of America and the huge role that Presbyterianism in specific has played. When faced with the religious and social implications of the history of the Civil War, the Orthodox complaints fade away into anachronistic sludge. These men truly are ignorant naves. When faced with these problems along with the other huge gaping holes in their Triadology they do what many in the past have done to me: They just kick me off their blog; They play the Inquisitor. So, to post my last response to Gabe that he deleted:

“I have not seen this reply anywhere on either my blog or yours. Where is it? Simply re-linking the website that you’ve misread doesn’t mean you’ve “replied to this assertion.” It is historical fact, not assertion. You are making Luther out to say something that he didn’t intend, it seems.”

>>>“Therefore I cannot include him among the chief books, though I would not thereby prevent anyone from including or extolling him as he pleases, for there are otherwise many good sayings in him.”

>>>He said substantially the same thing  in the link I cited which quotes him rejecting James as canonical.”

“Revelation is not limited to human reason, syllogisms, logic, etc.”

>>>If something is intended to be revealed to human beings, then that revelation is ipso facto limited to the capacities of those said humans. What is the point of revealing something to someone if they can’t understand it?

“That doesn’t make it irrational, either. Aristotle (and Clark, for that matter) doesn’t have the corner market on “reason.”

>>>I reject Aristotle and his views on logic are unjustifiable with his materialism:


I follow Clark and Saint Augustine in epistemology not Aristotle.

“You’ve jumped to a lot of conclusions with this statement and the follow-up.”

>>>You didn’t even read a single sentence of the material and you say I’M jumping to conclusions? Jnorm made similar accusations against me and ended up inserting foot into mouth.

“I don’t care to engage you in a debate over God”

>>>You brought it up. I’m not apologizing for being prepared. You don’t want to discuss this because it is devastating to your paradigm. God is not an essence. God is a person.

“especially not on issues that have been settled for centuries”

>>>Really? I wonder then why Thomas Hopko is the historical source of my complaints.


He thinks your Triune God innovation is heresy.

“You seem to have misunderstood. I was saying that your assertions regarding Neo-Platonism, the Orthodox Church, etc. etc. etc. are not interesting to me.”

>>>Yet that seems to be the conversation we are having here.

“That’s not a personal attack, but an epistemological confession. My concern is to align myself with the Body of Christ, not to make a Church in my own image (or in an image of my own opinions).”

>>>But that is exactly what you did when you made a private judgment concerning which ancient tradition was the correct one.

“You might decry Neo-Platonism, but I decry Renaissance Humanism”

>>>Agreed. That is the Jesuit path not the Reformed.

“along with a sole reliance on the logic and metaphysics of Aristotle”

>>>Agreed. You have not even touched me. You have merely barked like a dog on a leash.

 “(or your interpretation of the Council of Nicaea alone, etc.).”

>>>It is not my interpretation. I have quoted many scholars on this issue and cataloged hundreds of statements by the Pre-nicene, Nicene and Cappadocian Fathers.  I have Catholic bloggers email me privately, thanking me for my diligence in this field.

 “Enough on this, really.”

>>>No no. You are banking everything on tradition and this Theology Proper issue is a nuclear warhead inside that bank. I am torturing your conscience and you can’t take it anymore.

“Wow. Okay. I’m not sure what this has to do with the Orthodox Church, but I’m not aware of any torturing or massacring of your ancestors for the sake of putting the Bible in the hands of common people.”

>>>You are clueless. Read a short history on Sir Thomas More and Bloody Mary Tudor.

“This, of course, begs the question on a number of fronts. Also, the lack of Bibles in the hands of people had more to do with the extreme cost and labor that went into publishing any book at this point in history than it did any fictional conspiracy to “keep” the Bible from the “common people.”

>>>You are a toad eating nave.

“This is Chick tract-level absurdity, not reasonable, historical dialogue.”

>>>LOL! You are a tool. Beyond a tool. As Luther says, “How is it, then, that you drivel like people in their second childhood?”

“You wrote:

So let me get this straight. The fact that I used the word “bound”
while you used the word “constrained” means I am misrepresenting you? Wow.


>>>So then you admit I did not misrepresent you. You still have not faced the problem how a revelation can be outside of understanding.

“Not really. Some things have been made more clear than others by the Church, even when utilizing negative theology.”

>>>That was not the point. The point was not how clearly something has been made by the church. The point is the hypocrisy of holding to a truth that cannot be consistently accounted for; Demanding your opponents to be confined to logic and human reason, while you are not.  Special pleading.

“But not everything is for us to “understand” with “perfect reason,” e.g. how/where/when the bread, water, and wine become the body and blood of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.”

>>>You are conflating a faculty with the use of that faculty. This is strange because your own Maximus the Confessor perfected this distinction, with his development of the gnomic will.  Reason is a faculty. Thus, qualifying the faculty instead of the use of that faculty betrays and reveals the fact that you are not yet ready to be an apologist Gabe. Just like Jnorm, you need to give up the apologetics game for a number of years. You are not ready.

“We can’t explain it with the normal methods of reasonable explanation; it just is.”

>>>Then it isn’t reveal-able. We are then all men most miserable.

“What makes Aristotle less-pagan than Plotinus?”

>>>Well for one Aristotle was much less religious. Aristotle was more of an atheist than he was a pagan. I understand that he taught a first mover, but that just shows he denied transcendence.

“By the way, if you knew anything about Neo-Platonism and the Fathers of that era”

>>>Which era? Which fathers?

“you’d also know about the places where they wrote at length in disagreement with Neo-Platonism, not to mention the later anathemas against Origen by the emperor Justinian I.”

>>>I understand that Origen was a problem but you do realize that Origen learned from Plotinus. Lossky’s Vision of God goes into much detail on this.

“In any case, we are all a product of our own age”

>>>Nonsense. I am a defender of the Ante-bellum South and a denier of everything about my present age. I am considered a social heretic by my family and pretty much everyone that knows me personally that is not a defender of the Antebellum South. I believe in racialism, supremacy and subordination, the lawfulness of slavery; I advocate that the Plantation is the only institution that can bring freedom and sovereignty back to the South; it is the only institution that can compete with Yankee Capitalism; I believe that Gen. 9-11 subordinated the black race; I believe in 6 day Creation and I do not believe in the Jesuit Heliocentrism.  Do I need to go on?

“and we all use the “language” of our own place/time/culture. This is what the Fathers were doing; not adopting any “pagan” ideas about God”

>>>Which Fathers? I hate to break this to you, but that is exactly what Origen and the Cappadocian Fathers did.

“any more than the Hebrews’ use of sacrifice was pagan.”

>>>Yet you Orthodox apologists use the most minute similarities between Hellenism and Calvinism in most of your anti-protestant writings showing yourselves the obstinate hypocrites you are.

“It is intellectually dishonest to go on in this way; we all make use of the philosophical, linguistic, and other presuppositions of our ages in order to engage in reasonable discourse.”

>>>Language and meaning are not jointly exhaustive. Your Cappadocian Fathers took not just the language but the MEANINGS of the Neoplatonists.

“I’m sure your booklet is well written, but I’m not interested.”

>>>Yet you are interested in having this discussion here and at my blog. So then, Ecclesial piety terminates upon the quality of an IP address…interesting.

“I will place my trust in the Holy Spirit and the Church that Jesus Christ built on the foundation of the prophets and apostles, sealed with the blood of the martyrs. The Church is happy that you have found our Scriptures so enjoyable and beneficial; may you someday find your home in the same community that has arranged, gathered, and preserved them for the last 2,000 years.”

>>>I will place my faith in the Bible and the Protestant Reformation that opened the press to the public and paved the way for human progress with our victory in the 30 Years War and the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 which began the modern period. The movement that ended the Pope’s ultra montane jurisdiction over many nations and opened the way for medical investigations and invention; That provided your ability to flush a toilet, to have electricity, to own a weapon for your protection of your personal and political liberty, to drive a vehicle to work, to travel through the air, to talk on a telephone, to read by more than candlelight;  that produced such men as my racial and religious brother Sir Isaac Newton who made all these inventions possible with his mathematics and calculus.  No, no sir, your Church is extremely insignificant in the history of the world compared to my mighty ancestors.

My Morning Conversation With Eric Jon Phelps Tuesday, Apr 16 2013 

I was curious what EJP thought about the recent Boston bombings, so I gave him a call this morning.  He does not think that this will be the occasion of the recent arming of the DHS to invade our local cities.  Alex Jones seemed to think it would be.  EJP said that this will be the preparation for a huge coming false flag that will be blamed on a White Right Wing Christian man; and just like in pre-Nazi Germany, a Communist party will oppress the masses, in order to provide a justification for the next Hitler.  That is clearly Obama’s mission.

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