1. To make an altar at the local Messianic Synagogue, on a level plain, for the purpose of thank offerings. Exo. 20: 24-26
  2. You shall not make altars to yourselves privately. Josh 22:7-34
  3. Not to swear a covenant with other gods. Exo. 23:13
  4. To destroy a city turned to idolatry with its spoils never to be built again. Deut. 13:16, 18:12, Psa. 149:5-9
  5. Do not follow a prophet leading you to another god even if he does miracles. Deut. 13: 1-3
  1. Stone to death anyone who advocates the worship of another god, including Trinitarians. Deut. 13:5 Veneration for a mighty man or Elohim among you is lawful, 1 Chron. 29:20, but worship, such as prayer and sacerdotal rites is confined only to Yah. Exo. 20:3, Luke 11:1-2
  2. Put to death anyone who presumes to speak in the name of Yah and his prediction comes not to pass. Deut. 18:20-22.
  3. Not to consult with witches, psychics and wizards. Lev. 19:31
  4. Do not sacrifice your children to idols or other deities. Deut. 18:10, Lev. 18:21
  5. Destroy all monuments of idolatry. Exo. 23:24, Deut. 16:21-22