Miscegenation and the Negro-ization of the Southern White Population: A Pre-Requisite for a Successful Chinese Invasion Saturday, Nov 30 2013 

J. H. Van Evrie, M.D.

“The mulatto, literally speaking, or in the ordinary sense, does beget offspring, but mulattoism is as positively sterile as muleism. . . . Instead of a single generation, as in the animals referred to [the horse and the donkey], sterility in the human creatures is embraced within four generations, where a boundary is arrived at as absolutely fixed and impassable as the single generation in the case of the former. . . .

But in order to understand the matter clearly, it is proposed to present the reader with the preliminary principles or facts, and inductive facts, that lead to this vital and all-important conclusion. It is all-important, not as demonstrating beyond doubt the vital and fundamental truth of distinct species [within one genus—the human race as begotten by our first parents, Adam and Eve], for that is a self-evident and indeed unavoidable truth that meets us at every step, and confronts our senses almost every hour or day of our lives. But mulattoism is a subject of stupendous importance in itself, and as the public are generally, and the “anti-slavery” writers especially, profoundly ignorant of it, it is proposed to present the elementary principles or basis on which the whole subject rests.*

(*The author has devoted much time and labor to this interesting subject, and, together with his own and the observations of friends and correspondents, covering several thousand cases of the mixed blood, is able to deduce the general laws as stated in the text, and with entire confidence in their essential accuracy.)

1st. In the case of the white man cohabitating with the negress, or “married” to a Negro female, there will be a more limited progeny than if she were married to one of her own race.

2nd. The mulatto offspring of this connection intermarrying with other hybrids, will exhibit still less virility.

3rd. The offspring of the former again intermarrying with hybrids equally removed from the original parentage, shows a yet greater diminution of virile power.

4th. By still intermarrying with hybrids, and of a corresponding remove, virility is correspondingly decreased.

5th. Finally, the fourth generation of mulattoism is as absolutely sterile as muleism, and though there may be, at rare intervals, a possible exception, yet, in every practical sense, and for all the purposes of philosophic inquiry, it may be assumed as the natural and impassable barrier of this abnormal and exceptional being. . . .

(Royalism, or a Hereditary Aristocracy, or class that attempts to create a permanent superiority over the great body of the [White] people by incestuous intermarriage with its own members, is punished with similar results as those that attend the violation of the sexual relations of different Races. And the idiotic, impotent, and diseased offspring of hereditary kings has always a certain physiological resemblance to the effete and sterile mulatto. Both are violations of the normal order, and both are limited to a determinate existence, just as any other diseased conditions which nature forbids to live.) . . .

But it is in the female hybrid that this tendency to decay, or this vice of constitutional formation, is most apparent. Many of them are incapable of nourishing or taking care of their offspring, and together with miscarriages and the numerous forms of disease connected with maternity, they are often found to have had a large number of children, not one of whom reached maturity. . . .

As has been said, four millions of our own white race [As compared with the number of blacks in the mid to late 1800s: 4 million-DS] would be involved in this monstrous maelstrom of amalgamation with the subject race [Now enfranchised-DS], while the remaining twenty millions [of Whites] would be left untouched and unpolluted by the physical degradation that must needs follow such a stupendous sin as practical abolitionism. But they would not escape the moral deterioration, and the nation, weighed down by mulattoism by such an ulcer on the body politic, by such a frightful mass of disease and death, would doubtless fall a conquest to some other nation or other variety of the master race, [Or an Asian Chinese Race that has been taught the white man’s military technology from one of its traitors….Jesuit trained Georgetown boy Bill Clinton.-DS] and again become English provinces or dependencies of some other European power!” 

White Supremacy and Negro Subordination; Or, Negroes A Subordinate Race, and (So Called) Slavery Its Normal Condition, 1868, 146-156

If anyone doubts this look at what happened to the White Spainards in Mexico. New Spain didn’t turn out as expected did it? The Spainards miscegenated themselves in with the native population.

Excursus on the French Revolution, Napoleon and His Role in the Jesuit Agenda Saturday, Nov 30 2013 

I have already spoken to this issue in detail here:


However, I did want to add in some filler and some movie citations for the reader’s enjoyment.

For a full account of the French Revolution, this series is available on youtube:


Our Country’s connection to the Revolution can be seen in the Movie Jefferson in Paris here:

See also the Classic A Tale of Two Cities here:

The Life of Napoleon can be seen here:

Napoleon’s Brilliant Battle of Austerlitz can be seen here:

His curious sacrificing of his men in Russia can be seen in the classic War and Peace:

His curious blunder in the Battle of Waterloo here:

His exile at St. Helena, the place of his Assassination can be seen in the Movie Monsieur N. here:

You can’t say that I don’t look out for your entertainment needs while not wasting your time in vanity.

The man who leads prayer in congress is a Jesuit. Saturday, Nov 30 2013 

The man who leads prayer in congress is a Jesuit.


Trail of Tears? More Case Studies in The Native Genocide Myth Friday, Nov 29 2013 

I have recently been told by a Native mongrel that my family committed Genocide against his ancestors because of the Trail of Tears.This person is another Anti-White Parasite who leeches off the WASP culture and believes the Bibles that were written by White men who gave him the ability to read anything to begin with. Anti-White Protestant Bible Believer! Wow!  Americans truly are bags of shattered glass.

Anyway, this exact complaint was answered by Missouri Senator Mason Thomas Benton, in his Thirty Years’ View; From 1820 to 1850, (New York: D. Appleton and Co., 1854) Vol. I, pp. 624, 625. Chapter CXXXVI titled “Removal of the Cherokees from Georgia”,

“In the winter of 1835-’36 a treaty was negotiated, by which the Cherokees, making clean disposal of all their possessions east of the Mississippi, ceded the whole, and agreed to go West, to join the half tribe beyond that river. The consideration paid them was ample and besides that moneyed consideration, they had large inducements, founded in views of their own welfare, to make the removal. These inducements were set out by themselves in the preamble to the treaty, and were declared to be:

‘A desire to get rid of the difficulties experienced by a residence within the settled parts of the United States; and to reunite their people, by joining those who had crossed the Mississippi; and to live in a country beyond the limits of State sovereignties, and where they could establish and enjoy a government of their choice, and perpetuate a state of society, which might be most consonant with their views, habits, and condition, and which might tend to their individual comfort, and their advancement in civilization.’

These were sensible reasons for desiring a removal, and, added to the moneyed consideration, made it immensely desirable to the Indians. The direct consideration was five millions of dollars which, added to stipulations to pay for the improvements on the ceded lands—to defray the expenses of removal to their new homes beyond the Mississippi—to subsist them for one year after their arrival—to commute school funds and annuities—to allow pre-exemptions and pay for reserves—with some liberal grants of money from Congress, for the sake of quieting complaints —and some large departmental allowances, amounted in the whole, to more than twelve millions of dollars! Being almost as much for their single extinction of Indian title in the corner of two States, as the whole province of Louisiana cost! And this in addition to seven millions of acres granted for their new home, and making a larger and a better home than the one they had left. Considered as a moneyed transaction, the advantage was altogether, and out of all proportion, on the side of the Indian; but relief to the States, and quiet to the Indians, and the completion of a wise and humane policy, were overruling considerations, which sanctioned the enormity of the amount paid.”



The Temporal Power of the Pope Over Circus (Church) and State Friday, Nov 29 2013 

Papal Bull, CUM EX APOSTOLATUS OFFICIO , Promulgated February 15, 1559 by POPE PAUL IV (23 May 1555 – 18 August 59)

“1. We, considering these same things to be very grave and dangerous, that the Roman Pontiff, who rules the offices of God and our Lord Jesus Christ on earth and who holds the fullness of power over kingdoms and kings, and who judges all, and by no one at this time is judged

2…We approve of and renew with the fullest vigor that they may be uninterruptedly observed and to be filled with new vigor if perhaps they lack any vigor; and indeed whosoever who has deviated at all from the Catholic Faith or who has fallen into some heresy or has incurred or has incited or committed schism will, upon being caught or confessed or convicted or (may God in His mercy and goodness deign to avert this) will deviate at any time in the future or who will fall into heresy or who will incur or incite or commit schism at any time in the future, and who will at any time in the future have deviated or fallen into or have incurred or incited or committed or will be caught or will confess or will be convicted, of whatever state, degree, order, condition and preeminence, even if they be with episcopal, archepiscopal, patriarchal, primatial or other major ecclesiastical dignity or the honor  of cardinalate and anywhere of the places of the Apostolic See, both perpetual and temporal, with the office of legate or secular, even though they may be distinguished with the authority of excellence of a count, baron, earl, duke, king or emperor and We will and determine that anyone whosoever of them to incur the aforesaid sentences, censures and penalties.”


Desegregation; The End of the Protestant Reformation in America Tuesday, Nov 26 2013 

George Wallace, 1997

When a Black Man’s Mind Really Opens Up Tuesday, Nov 26 2013 

I had to learn this the hard way. My white reader, if you have a black “friend” dear reader, I don’t care who he is or how nice he acts around you, 99% chance this is what he thinks of you and when the moment comes, this will come out of him:


It is all racial with these people. There is nothing they see that is not perceived through race war.

Tim Russert’s Assassination; The Man Who Asked About Skull and Bones: Given the Poison Cup of the Order? Tuesday, Nov 26 2013 

I remember Russert’s  Interviews with Bush and Kerry having a huge impact on me when I was in college. They sparked my interest in the New World Order having watched major players in American Government admitting to their involvement in the Occult.  Russert paid for this with his life. Salute Tim Russert! A comrade and a Patriot.

Reply to James Trimm on Tithing Monday, Nov 25 2013 


Just in case James tries to delete this.


“The tithe was not directly paid to the Levites, it was paid to YHWH and from that “fund” the Levites were paid. This was so that the Levites could devote themselves to full time Torah Study (2Chron. 31:4-5)”

>>>Yet in the very Chapter you cite we read,

“2 Chron 31:12 They faithfully brought in the contributions and the tithes and the consecrated things; and Conaniah the Levite was the officer *****in charge of them***** and his brother Shimei was second. 13 Jehiel, Azaziah, Nahath, Asahel, Jerimoth, Jozabad, Eliel, Ismachiah, Mahath and Benaiah were overseers under the authority of Conaniah and Shimei his brother by the appointment of King Hezekiah, and Azariah was the chief officer of the house of God. 14 *****Kore the son of Imnah the Levite, the keeper of the eastern gate, was over the freewill offerings of God, to apportion the contributions ***for the Lord**** and the most holy things***. 15 Under his authority were ********Eden, Miniamin, Jeshua, Shemaiah, Amariah and Shecaniah in the cities of the priests, to distribute faithfully their portions to their brothers****** by divisions, whether great or small, 16 without regard to their genealogical enrollment, to the males from thirty years old and upward—everyone who entered the house of the Lord for his daily obligations—for their work in their duties according to their divisions;”

Notice it does not say that the tithe was paid to the Lord. It says it was paid to the Levites, “FOR the Lord”!

“We are told only that the Tithe is paid to YHWH”

>>>Where in the verses that you quote does it say “pay the tithes to YHWH” or its meaningful equivalent?

“Now some have taught that the tithe Melchizadek paid ”

>>> Melchizadek paid a tithe?

“The whole logic of Paul’s argument here is based in the fact that the tithe that Avram paid to Melchizadek was EXACTLY the same tithe that the Levites were paid from.”

>>>That verse says exactly nothing of what you say it does. Where does it say that James?

“Another example of the pre-Mosaic tithe is the vow Jacob made to tithe saying to Elohim “and of all that you shall give me I will surely give the tenth onto you” (Gen. 28:22). Note that Jacob tithed on all that Elohim had given him and not simply on agricultural produce. In fact Jacob even tithed from his sons. In the Midrash Rabbab there is an important story related to Jacob’s tithe told by Rabbi Joshua of Sikaan in the name of his teacher Rabbi Levi:”

>>>This was a one time thing. It is never repeated yet you want me to give 10% on top of everything else the government takes from me on a yearly basis?

“We also get a reminder here. We do not GIVE the Tithe to YHWH, it was already His. He GIVES the 90% to us. When we do not tithe, we are not simply choosing not to give, we are actually stealing from YHWH!”

>>>No, we do not have 90%. The Government takes at least 40% of that.

When you and the other money hungry religious teachers start to live up to your responsibilities and resist the government and all its theft where we can have a living wage, then I’ll think about tithing to you, but until then no, and certainly not until you repent of your pagan Trinity heresy.


Yehoshuwah came in the name of his Father.

John 5:43 I have come in My Father’s name

That does not mean he is the same person as the Father. You are conflating nominal with numeric identity.


Farrell Fingers the Reason Why Christianity is Such an Irrational and Unstable Religion Sunday, Nov 24 2013 

JosephFarrell250“One ends, in this development, with an abstract God-in-general, who could be the God of the Christian Aquinas, or of the Muslim Averroes, or of the Jew Moses Maimonides, all alike Second European philosophers writing in more or less the same glowing terms about the simplicity of God. Not only is Christianity in the West Hellenized and Augustinized, one must say the same thing about Islam and Judaism. With this growing abstraction of the God-in-general a parallel development in law is presaged. God will become, in the legal as well as the philosophical texts of the Second Europe, the grand abstraction about Whom everything, anything, or nothing may be said. A God this generalized is also a God who is possessed of no moral character, who makes no specific claims or demands, and leaves no specific revelation to anyone. Once enshrined in law, this God will tolerate everything. Here too, then, the religious assumptions of the modern era have deep theological roots.” God, History and Dialectic, 379-380

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