Woolwich Soldier Killing; A Hoax Saturday, May 25 2013 

This is propaganda people!

CNN Contradicts Itself on the Arrest of Accused Suspects in the Boston Bombings Friday, Apr 19 2013 

I am guessing that the Federal Government had cooked  up a story for CNN to begin propagating, and so much information on the Internet news-feeds began to surface that contradicted their cooked up story that they had to do a 180 to save face. CNN is pathetic:

My Morning Conversation With Eric Jon Phelps Tuesday, Apr 16 2013 

I was curious what EJP thought about the recent Boston bombings, so I gave him a call this morning.  He does not think that this will be the occasion of the recent arming of the DHS to invade our local cities.  Alex Jones seemed to think it would be.  EJP said that this will be the preparation for a huge coming false flag that will be blamed on a White Right Wing Christian man; and just like in pre-Nazi Germany, a Communist party will oppress the masses, in order to provide a justification for the next Hitler.  That is clearly Obama’s mission.

Alex Jones Predicted False Flag to be Blamed on Tea Party Just Hours Before the Boston Bombing Tuesday, Apr 16 2013 

Articles point out that bomb drills were happening before, during at the end of the Marathon. This is all pointing to a false flag.




The live video feed that infowars is conducting all day can be found here:


My False Flag Prediction Fulfilled in 11 Days! Tuesday, Apr 16 2013 

On April 4th I predicted:

false flag

Yesterday, April 15th,  there was a Bombing at the Boston Marathon:

I’m guessing that this will be blamed on Iran pursuant to their invasion which has been planned for many years. Possibly, it may be blamed on North Korea or a White Supremacist group. I’m just going by the current Propaganda. So in order of my inclinations: 1. Iran; 2. North Korea; 3. Some White Racialist Group or the Tea Party. These are all the biggest targets of the Globalist interests coming out of America. What do you think?

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