Related to this article is my 58 Reasons Why I Am Not Eastern Orthodox. My 58 reasons are why I think Eastern Orthodoxy fails. This article presents why I think Eastern Orthodox Apologists have failed to show that Calvinism fails.

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Is Reformed Soteriology Nominalism?- Union with Christ-Traducianism-Realism-Nominalism-Original Sin-Ethics-Metaphysics [I wanted to add that if you read this you will notice that I attribute the moral activity of Christ in the COR to the genus of ethics. Yet in my justification debate I place Imputed Righteousness in the genus of relation. To be clear, the former is the object of the righteousness; the later is the way that object is applied to the believer. The former is not ontological, the latter is. That is the moral activity of Christ in the genus of ethics is the object of the imputation, the union with Christ in the genus of relation is the  basis of the imputation]

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