Elvis wasn’t the first to steal black music: 10 white artists who “borrowed” from R&B before The King Saturday, May 17 2014 


Yankee Abolitionist Red-Republican Chickens Coming Home to Roost with Gay Rights Friday, Feb 28 2014 

The Yankee Abolitionists forced Abolition on us, forced Racial Integration on us, and now Yahowah is forcing homosexuality on them. Yankees getting exactly what they deserve. Oh how I love it!

Justified Genocide; Chronicles of Southern Reconstruction Monday, Jan 20 2014 

Commented at the Fairwell Famous Kinist Site Spirit/Water/Blood Saturday, Jun 8 2013 


I agree with everything racial here which is why I cannot accept the Triune God doctrine. That doctrine is at the basis of an absolute social equality. The original doctrine of God in the Apostle’s Creed and the Nicene Creed is that the one God is the Father and eternally begotten of the Father is the Son and eternally proceeding is the Holy Spirit. This view, where the Father is the supreme person is the basis for social supremacy of the Father and the idea of private property. The Triune God doctrine denies the supremacy of the Father and also denies the principle of private property. In order for all three persons to be absolutely equal the idea of private property must be abandoned which is where the Filioque heresy came from. It is no accident that Karl Marx used the Triune God view to illustrate his Communism and denied the original Nicene view.

John Hull, Emeritus Professor of Religious Education at the University of Birmingham, states in his, The Holy Trinity and Christian Education in a Pluralist World ,

“There is no hierarchy of power, no monarch from whom the Son and then the Spirit emanate, but a society of perfect order in perfect equality. ‘The Father is in me and I am in the Father’ (John 10:38). ‘The oppressed struggle for participation at all levels of life, for a just and egalitarian sharing while respecting the differences between persons and groups; they seek communion with other cultures and with other values. . .’. Leonardo Boff continues ‘For those who have faith, the trinitarian communion between the divine Three, the union between them in love and vital interpenetration, can serve as a source of inspiration, as a utopian goal that generates models of successively diminishing differences’.(58)”

Where oh, where did he get this idea? Hull states in his Karl Marx on Capital: Some Implications for Christian Adult Education,

“Just as the Father, notes Marx, in the Holy Trinity differentiates himself from the Son in the process of the eternal begetting of the Son and yet the Father and the Son remain one, and are also of one age since neither has a temporal priority, so capital differentiates itself into money and into commodities. ‘The Son, and by the Son the Father, is begotten. So soon does their difference vanish and they again become one.’ [Marx, The Capital, Volume 1, Part 2, Chapter 4. See also footnote 15 of Capital 1973, Vol. 1,
p.154-DS] Marx goes so far in denying the subordination of the Son because he wants to deny the monarchic principle. He wants a dynamic Trinity of complete mutuality between Father and Son, in which value is conceived by capital and made manifest through process.”


The Gospel Coalition on Jackie Robinson; Black Supremacy on Tap Thursday, May 9 2013 

In a recent blog by Jeff Robinson at the Gospel Coalition  Robinson states,

On that day, the curtain that had barred hundreds of talented baseball players from participating in big leagues on the basis of skin pigmentation was torn in two.

Here we have the typical clueless tripe of the submissive American Liberal white who seriously thinks race is simply skin pigmentation. The History of the black race, their tribal pedigree and the fact that they never produced any advanced culture or major empire (Which David Manning admits to [1] [2]) is simply irrelevant details for Jeff. The continued Genocide[3] and Anti-White Hate Crime[4] that racial equality and integration has inflicted upon the white race, is again, mere spurious details.

Black people are not equals and never will be equal with the white race. The Liberal black supremacy here has resulted in the continued Genocide of the white race and the demoralizing and destruction of the highest culture ever to exist, the WASP Culture, that brought all of the benefits of modern civilization to us.

Jeff states,

“Like the wall of communism that would crumble to dust in Berlin 42 years later, baseball’s barrier of separation became, on that day, a sad relic in the historical museum of a broken, cursed, and fallen world.”

>>>No sir your integration is the sad relic of the world. We are now seeing the full invasion of white nations by 3rd world parasites who have destroyed their lands through their religious and cultural immorality. You American Baptists have fallen hook line and sinker for Thelema and its sociological implications. I would feel sorry for you but the sociological implications of your theology are so destructive I cannot be silent. The whites had every reason to not want to integrate with blacks and now we have seen why. Ever since the Civil Rights era the European peoples have had a massive population decrease, from 27% world population to now about 10%. Our morals and culture are gone. All hell has broken lose led by the savage black man (not to say there are not godly civil blacks; there are I know some) with his thug life and his pop-sex-party culture that you Baptists have submitted to in your many churches where white men bob to and fro listening to latest rap jargon that floats for Christian music.

This one is from my home town, Louisville, Ky (Which, and I hate to break it to my fellow citizens, was a slave city and yes Kentucky was one of the 13 stars on the Confederate Battle flag. O how the truth hurts! ). Notice the dough boy in the front row with the Amish beard and the plad shirt getting his groove on as he continues to look back at the camera, fawning for his black master and their white liberal enablers.

I can think of few movements I despise more than this so called religion.

“Growing up in the American South in the 1970s, ground zero for the civil rights movement where race relations remained as volatile as nitroglycerin, every elementary child read in history textbooks of Robinson’s heroic, Martin Luther-like stand against racism.”

>>>Martin Luther king is no hero.

“Later, when Robinson endures torturous abuse at the hands of teammates (several, led by Higbe, signed a petition that they would go on strike rather than play alongside Robinson), and he is desperately trying to bridle his urge to fight back, Rickey told him, “You can’t give in to the urge to fight back. You have to turn the cheek like our Savior did.” And by God’s grace, Robinson did.”

>>>No sir. He thrust upon the white race, a cultural Genocide, via Communism:

The first major writer to use the term “racist” was a Russian Marxist named Leon Trotsky. In his 1930 work The History of the Russian Revolution, Volume 1, Chapter 1, page 5 we read,

“Slavophilism, the messianism of backwardness, has based its philosophy upon the assumption that the Russian people and their church are democratic through and through, whereas official Russia is a German bureaucracy imposed upon them by Peter the Great. Marx remarked upon this theme: “In the same way the Teutonic jackasses blamed the despotism of Frederick the Second upon the French, as though backward slaves were not always in need of civilised slaves to train them.” This brief comment completely finishes off not only the old philosophy of the Slavophiles, but also the latest revelations of the “Racists.”


Engels states in his The Principles of Communism 1847,

“— 22 —
What will be the attitude of communism to existing nationalities?

The nationalities of the peoples associating themselves in accordance with the principle of community will be compelled to mingle with each other as a result of this association and thereby to dissolve themselves, just as the various estate and class distinctions must disappear through the abolition of their basis, private property.”


Jeff you are not a Christian. You are a Communist.

“And in so doing, Jackie Robinson’s baseball career recalled another man, the Ultimate Man, who arose from a racially disenfranchised people, who was cursed and spat upon, who was rejected by many, who had the guts not to fight back, who bore the curse in place of his people, who tore down the wall of separation so those formerly rejected could enter into the inner sanctum.”

>>>Disenfranchised? God disenfranchised the Hamite race Jeff and I dare you to find a way around Genesis 9:



“To be sure, Jackie Robinson’s story is a baseball story. It is a story of undaunted courage. It is one of the shining moments in the still-unfolding chronicles of the American experiment. But best of all, it is a story of substitution and sacrifice and redemption. Much like the Greatest Story Ever Told.

“He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth; like a lamb that is led to slaughter, and like a sheep that is before its shearers silent, so he opened not his mouth” (Isaiah 53:7, ESV).”

Go ahead and fawn after the black man you toad eating race traitor. Your kind will be extinct in 50 years.

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