Interview of Eric Jon Phelps on High Frequency Radio; I get a piece of the pie!!!! Friday, Jan 3 2014

I come on at the 158 minute mark.

Eric Jon Phelps to Have a New Radio Station; I will have a weekly broadcast Tuesday, Apr 23 2013 

Last week, I had a discussion with EJP where he mentioned having me on as a weekly speaker. He wants me to do a couple broadcasts a week. We have not yet established a time slot yet but it was confirmed last night on EJP’s Monday night broadcast: – Go to “Eric Jon Phelps” – Monday Broadcast – 45:30 and after.

My Morning Conversation With Eric Jon Phelps Tuesday, Apr 16 2013 

I was curious what EJP thought about the recent Boston bombings, so I gave him a call this morning.  He does not think that this will be the occasion of the recent arming of the DHS to invade our local cities.  Alex Jones seemed to think it would be.  EJP said that this will be the preparation for a huge coming false flag that will be blamed on a White Right Wing Christian man; and just like in pre-Nazi Germany, a Communist party will oppress the masses, in order to provide a justification for the next Hitler.  That is clearly Obama’s mission.

Eric Jon Phelps’ Predictions Sunday, Mar 3 2013 

I wanted to make a short catalog of some predictions made by Eric Jon Phelps. I have found EJP to be a very reliable historian and a master of discerning where the Pope’s NWO is headed. Every prediction (And by prediction I do not mean a foretelling prophecy but a prediction based on his study of historical Vatican techniques) of his that I have heard has come to pass just like he said it. In the last year in specific he was strongly encouraging preparation for gun confiscation. I finished stock purchasing my guns and ammunition just a couple weeks before the Sandy Hook Massacre, which, by the way he predicted. I just want this to be on the record. If he is right he is definitely some one to trust.

In his video Islam and Roman Catholicism he says at 29:30 that China controls the Panama Canal and this  will be used to invade the Southeastern part of the United States.

According to Phelps, R.W. Thompson’s The Papacy and the Civil Power, shows that the Vatican have an agenda to Catholicize the Southern border of the US. This is why our government allows our Southern border to be invaded by Mexicans.  At 31 minutes of Islam and Roman Catholicism he predicts that the US will invade Mexico to provide protection for the building of a superhighway to unite US and Mexico in the North American Union. At 32:55 he predicts that US Oil will be Nationalized just like our banks.

In his first interview with Max Maverick he predicts the election of Obama (45:25) and predicts voter fraud to further enrage whites against blacks.

At 36 minutes he predicts that Obama’s heightened socialism and race baiting will drive the white people into a third party Fascism which was prepared by Ron Paul and Alex Jones and this new 3rd Party will be led, PROBABLY by Jesse Ventura.

At 46:35 he predicts coming gun confiscation and heightened Socialism to incite anger and frustration to be blamed on the Jews, Blacks and Hispanics.–As a side note, EJP has also mentioned that during this time Obama’s double will be assassinated to aid in the fomentation of a race war. (2nd interview with Max Maverick, 24 minutes.)

At 47-52 minutes, EJP predicts a two front war with Iran and China.  The Chinese war will be overseen by Adolfo Nicholas and the middle east war by Peter-Hans Kolvenbach. Then we will be invaded by the Chinese and the Muslims as a reaction to the US destruction of Mecca and Medina (54 minutes)-a Sino-Soviet-Muslim Invasion.

The Iran war will begin this year of 2013.

In his second interview with Max Maverick (Nov. 12, 2012) he predicted the false flag event here to justify the confiscation of our guns. (5:25) This was almost a month before the Sandy Hook massacre.

He has predicted that there will be a nuclear attack on Washington D.C. and upon this occasion the Nation’s Capital will be moved to Denver.

EJP has predicted that pursuant to Rex 84, the American Fema Camps will be populated by the Blacks. He has also predicted that these camps will be used by the coming Fascist party to house illegal immigrants.

In the youtube interview The Coming American Fascist Dominion37:15 the Jesuits have the same agenda here as they did in Germany. They are going to try the Nazi thing one more time.

At 41:30 Phelps predicts that Obama’s Socialism will force us to take the Amero. This will be another platform to foment race hatred towards the blacks for voting him in.

At 45 minutes Phelps continues the Nazi prediction pointing to Jules Archer’s The Plot to Seize the White House. This plot will be attempted again.


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