A Treatise on Ethics and Politics Tuesday, Mar 19 2013 

I have made my book on Ethics and Politics available for free online in a word document here:


To Any Supporters I May Have in the RPCNA Tuesday, Jan 29 2013 

It has come to my attention that the RPCNA was supportive of the Union Army and its mission in the South. If you are a member of this Church and do not yet know, the Union Army committed hundreds of unspeakable acts of war crime against my ancestors (See War Crimes Against Southern Civilians by Walter Cisco). The RPCNA was inexcusably ignorant of the Biblical teaching on slavery and thus enabled and conceded to the rape, pillage, murder and impoverishment of my ancestors in the South.  If after examination of the RPCNA’s  covenant and oath by which they united themselves to the Union, you remain a member, do not contact me again. This blog is not for you, my work is not for you. I have no part with you.

Awesome Debate! Jared Taylor and Tim Wise debate “Merits of Racial Diversity” Wednesday, Sep 19 2012 


I have to agree with most of what Taylor says but I will say some things:

1. Taylor’s reliance on genetics as his basis of racial behavior, a type of atheistic Behaviorism, is anti-christian. The Augustinian Christian Anthropology is that human behavior is determined by the soul not the genes.

2. Taylor is questioned if he has any Christian biblical basis for his position, and he replies by refusing to answer saying that religion is a private thing. That is definitely anti-christian.  This comes into play later in the debate when he is questioned on the de jure obligation of racial separation. Taylor had pointed out that his position is Universally acknowledged in the history of the world and universally wherever one finds racial, national, linguistic and religious diversity, one finds unnecessary conflict. The Infidel Guy read a commenter who asked Taylor why his is  should be taken as an ought. I don’t think he gave a satisfactory answer to this. This is where my position, as a Protestant Christian improves. Genesis 11 demonstrates a divine mandate for racial separation. Nigel lee demonstrated that the NT never abrogates this mandate.

3. I will have to agree with Wise at around the 1 hour and 20 minute mark that the emphasis on white-ness is destroying real culture. I completely agree. I am in no way advocating any kind of White Facism. My racial separation is for the purpose of maintaining the Christian and primarily the anti-Roman catholic Christian History of my ancestors in the British Isles.  We need to go back to maintaining our English-ness or our Scottish-ness or our  Dutch-ness. God established more than one language and nation within the Japhethite race and those historical distinctions need to be preserved not just our racial identity.

A Full Exposition and Defense of a Scripturalist-Scottish Presbyterian Political Theory; Table of Contents and Introduction -1 Friday, Dec 9 2011 

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Basis of Magistracy and Sovereignty

Chapter 2 Separation of Powers

Chapter 3 Diatribe Against the Enlightenment and the So-Called American Founding Fathers

I. Social Covenant Theory (The Reformed Establishment Principle) vs. Social Contract Theory

II. Establishment vs. Pluralism

III. Kingship of Christ

IV. Toleration Related to Human Nature

V. Pluralistic Toleration vs. Unified Religion

VI. American Christian Constitutionalists

Chapter 4 Self Defense and the Right to Bear Arms

Chapter 5 Submission to Lawful Authority and Civil Disobedience

Chapter 6 A Christian’s Lawful Participation In the State

Chapter 7 Taxation

Chapter 8 Ethics

I. Orientation

II. Theonomy

III. Natural Law

IV. Capital Punishment


Treatise on Politics

“Let the high praises of God be in their mouth, and a twoedged sword in  their hand; To execute vengeance upon the heathen, and punishments upon the people; To bind their kings with chains, and their nobles with fetters of iron; To execute upon them the judgment written: this honour  have all his saints. Praise ye the LORD” (Ps. 149:6-9). (kjv)

 “Christ is also armed with an iron scepter, by which to bruise the rebellious, and is elsewhere described as stained with blood, as slaying his enemies on every side, and not being wearied with the slaughter of them. (Isaiah 63:2.) Nor is it surprising, considering the obstinacy which universally prevails in the world, that the mercy which is treated with such indignity should be converted into severity. Now the doctrine laid down in the passage admits of being rightly applied to our practice, in this way, that what is here said of the two-edged sword, applies more especially to the Jews, and not properly to us, who have not a power of this kind permitted; except, indeed, that rulers and magistrates are vested by God with the sword to punish all manner of violence; but this is something peculiar to their office. As to the Church collective, the sword now put into our hand is of another kind, that of the word and spirit, that we may slay for a sacrifice to God those who formerly were enemies, or again deliver them over to everlasting destruction unless they repent. (Ephesians 6:17.) For what Isaiah predicted of Christ extends to all who are his members, — “He shall smite the wicked with the word of his mouth,  and shall slay them with the breath of his lips.” (Isaiah 11:4.) (John Calvin, Commentary on Psalm 149:9)

Greg Price’s valuable work Biblical Civil Government Versus the Beast; and, the Basis for Civil Resistance (Still Waters Revival Books Site, http://www.swrb.com/newslett/actualNLs/bibcg_gp.htm [accessed July 2011]) will be quoted authoritatively as it is, in my opinion, the most precise and comprehensively studied work that represents the Scripture’s teaching and the Scottish Reformation. Each quotation from Price will have a “GP” Reference.

The first mention of human government is found in Gen 10:10, the kingdom of Nimrod in the land of Shinar. Picking up from many pagan ideas, the Anchoretic Church culminated in an Anti-Christian establishment, “The Holy Roman Empire” that was destroying civilization. In God’s providence and good mercy, he delivered us from the peril of Romanism and the Divine Right of Kings through the Protestant Reformation. Since the Reformation, the Roman Catholic Church, through the Luciferian Fraternity of the Jesuits, has does everything it can to topple the Protestant Established Nations that stripped Papal power to a humble state in the 16th and 17th Century.  The following will be an exposition and defense of the Protestant view of the Civil Magistrate.

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