Excursus on the Original Egyptians- Again Not Black People Saturday, Apr 26 2014 

I finished listening to Professor Bob Brier’s Lectures on Ancient Egypt.


Click to access DG350_0FBF39.PDF

Brier argues that the original peoples of Ancient Egypt are the Coptic peoples. He bases this on the fact that the original Demotic language of Ancient Egypt has been preserved down to today by the Liturgies of the Coptic Church in Egypt. Brier argued that the Coptic language was instrumental in translating the Ancient Egyptian language (Not to be confused with Hieroglyphs) from the Rosetta Stone. (Lecture 5, pg. 14-15 from the manual above).

Yet, the devastating problem for the Black Supremacists in America is that this issue was dealt with specifically last year in the Egyptian Revolution. It was well established that the Coptic peoples are the original peoples of Egypt.

I don’t see any black people there. Sorry guys. The black supremacy theory of Ancient Egypt simply fails.

The title image of this blog is taken from this article: http://gulfnews.com/news/region/egypt/clashes-follow-coptic-church-bombing-in-egypt-1.739133



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