St. Louis Riots Justified By DeAndre Smith; Let the Race War Continue Tuesday, Aug 12 2014

Jewish Racialism; Miscegenation is Illegal In Israel Wednesday, Jul 16 2014 

Recent work by modern scholar on the biological reality of race Monday, Jul 14 2014 

Recent work by modern scholar on the biological reality of race. Here is his reply to his critics:


The Biblical and Jewish Prohibition of Miscegenation Wednesday, Jul 2 2014

Why Race Matters: Race Differences and What They Mean by Michael Levin Saturday, Jun 28 2014 

Devastating Data Contradicting Black Hebrew Israelites Friday, Jun 20 2014 

Tudor Parfitt, Emeritus Professor of Modern Jewish Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, fellow at the Hutchins Centre, Harvard College, Distinguished Professor at the School of International and Public Affairs, President Navon Professor of Sephardi and Mizrahi Studies at the Florida International University, and Director of the Center of Global Jewish Communities at FIU, created a documentary in 2008 entitled Quest for the Lost Ark. In this quest Parfitt investigated the now famous Lemba tribe. This tribe claims to have descended from Jewish Priests at the time of the Assyrian Invasion who escaped to Africa to avoid slaughter. Then through thousands of years of mixing with the native African population became black in their ethnicity.

Parfitt states at 1:20 of our video,

“When I first came here there were still Lemba elders alive who would refer to their people as the white men who came from Sena.”

Parfitt goes on to show that the Lemba display the Y-chromosomal Aaron a.k.a. the Cohen Modal Haplotype and this Haplotype is distinct from the DNA of African peoples, who are of the Haplogroup E1b1.

The same conclusion was reached by the History Channel series Digging for the Truth with Josh Bernstein. In the episode The Lost Tribes of Israel, starting at  39:30, we see that the genetic identity of the Lemba, regarding the Y-chromosome pattern, is  “non-african”, but is “common in people who identify as Kohanim or the Jewish Priests”. The same Y-chromosomal Aaron-Cohen Modal Haplotype was identified.

Now the significance here is plain. The Black Hebrew Israelite movement  maintains that the original Jews were black, when in fact, the real Black  Hebrew Israelites admit themselves that they descend from “the white men who came from Sena.”


America now ranked as world’s 101st peaceful nation Thursday, Jun 19 2014 

The practical results of pluralism and multi-culturalism- total chaos! Obviously, the melting pot is not working.

John Locke on the Acquisition of Property and Land Pertaining to the Native Americans Sunday, May 25 2014 

John Locke’s 2nd Treatise is fascinating. I have always wondered about what the precise definition is of property pertaining to acquisition of land; mostly because of what happened here in America with the Native Indians.

Locke, 2nd Treatise, Chapter V,

“Sec. 41. There cannot be a clearer demonstration of any thing, than several nations of the Americans are of this, who are rich in land, and poor in all the comforts of life; whom nature having furnished as liberally as any other people, with the materials of plenty, i.e. a fruitful soil, apt to produce in abundance, what might serve for food, raiment, and delight; yet for want of improving it by labour, have not one hundredth part of the conveniencies we enjoy: and a king of a large and fruitful territory there, feeds, lodges, and is clad worse than a day-labourer in England.”

It appears then that the native Indians were indeed judged by Yahuwah when they were killed off here for their laziness. The supposed majestic way of life of the native indians was anything but. It was a life of poverty and constant bloodshed among their own peoples.  They wanted to fight the white man who was supposedly dispossessing him of land he had never settled. His laziness turned out to be his downfall.

Elvis wasn’t the first to steal black music: 10 white artists who “borrowed” from R&B before The King Saturday, May 17 2014

David Duke, famous Anti-Semite White Nationalist, denounces the Khazar Theory! Monday, May 12 2014

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