Christian Theology; The Root of the Nazi Holocaust Thursday, Oct 10 2013 

Western Civilization: Ideas, Politics, and Society, Volume I: To 1789, by Marvin Perry (Author), Myrna Chase (Author), James Jacob (Author), Margaret Jacob (Author), Theodore H. Von Laue (Author) (Wadsworth: Boston, MA, 2013, 2009),

“Holding the Jews responsible for the Black Death, Christians committed mass murder. In Basel, several hundred Jews were herded into a wooden house and burned to death. Some six thousand Jews were burned alive in Mainz. Flames consumed another two thousand in a huge pyre outside Strasbourg, and their property was distributed to the local townspeople. In this picture depicting the slaughter of the Jews of Strasbourg, the townspeople evidently enjoy the spectacle.” (pg. 252)

The Canons of the Fourth Lateran Council, 1215, CANON 68

“Summary. Jews and Saracens of both sexes in every Christian province must be distinguished from the Christian by a difference of dress. On Passion Sunday and the last three days of Holy Week they may not appear in public.

Text: In some provinces a difference in dress distinguishes the Jews or Saracens from the Christians, but in certain others such a confusion has grown up that they cannot be distinguished by any difference. Thus it happens at times that through error Christians have relations with the women of Jews or Saracens, and Jews and Saracens with Christian women. Therefore, that they may not, under pretext of error of this sort, excuse themselves in the future for the excesses of such prohibited intercourse, we decree that such Jews and Saracens of both sexes in every Christian province and at all times shall be marked off in the eyes of the public from other peoples through the character of their dress. Particularly, since it may be read in the writings of Moses [Numbers 15:37-41], that this very law has been enjoined upon them.

Moreover, during the last three days before Easter and especially on Good Friday, they shall not go forth in public at all, for the reason that some of them on these very days, as we hear, do not blush to go forth better dressed and are not afraid to mock the Christians who maintain the memory of the most holy Passion by wearing signs of mourning.

This, however, we forbid most severely, that any one should presume at all to break forth in insult to the Redeemer. And since we ought not to ignore any insult to Him who blotted out our disgraceful deeds, we command that such impudent fellows be checked by the secular princes by imposing them proper punishment so that they shall not at all presume to blaspheme Him who was crucified for us.

[Note by Schroeder: In 581 the Synod of Macon enacted in canon 14 that from Thursday in Holy Week until Easter Sunday, .Jews may not in accordance with a decision of King Childebert appear in the streets and in public places. Mansi, IX, 934; Hefele-Leclercq, 111, 204. In 1227 the Synod of Narbonne in canon 3 ruled: “That Jews may be distinguished from others, we decree and emphatically command that in the center of the breast (of their garments) they shall wear an oval badge, the measure of one finger in width and one half a palm in height. We forbid them moreover, to work publicly on Sundays and on festivals. And lest they scandalize Christians or be scandalized by Christians, we wish and ordain that during Holy Week they shall not leave their houses at all except in case of urgent necessity, and the prelates shall during that week especially have them guarded from vexation by the Christians.” Mansi, XXIII, 22; Hefele-Leclercq V 1453. Many decrees similar to these in content were issued by synods before and after this Lateran Council. Hefele-Leclercq, V and VI; Grayzel, The Church and the Jews in the XIlIth Century, Philadelphia, 1933.]

The Anti-Jewish Jesuits Tuesday, Oct 1 2013 

A popular disinformation technique used by the Metternichians, is to excuse the Jesuits from dialogue due to their infiltration by Jews. When men like EJP or myself complain that the Jesuits are at the top of the NWO pyramid Metternichians claim that Jesuits are pro-jew and that the Jesuits are controlled by Jews. The documentation contradicts this claim.

Behind the Dictators A Factual Analysis of the Relationship of Nazi-Fascism and Roman Catholicism By Leo H. Lehmann

“The Jesuit Order has its “Aryan paragraph” corresponding exactly to that of Hitlerism. Its Constitutions contain six impediments against reception into the Order, the first of which is Jewish descent up to the fourth generation. If Jewish descent is discovered after a candidate’s admission, it prevents his “radiation.” This Aryan paragraph first appeared in the statutes of the Order in 1593, was confirmed in 1608 and is to be found in the latest official edition published in Florence in 1893. General councils of the order have many times proclaimed that Jewish descent must be considered as “an impurity, scandal, dishonor and infamy.” Suarez, noted Jesuit theologican, also states that Jewish descent is an impurity of such indelible character that it is sufficient to prevent admission into the Order…

[Footnotes] Institutum 8. J., p. 278, 302; also Jesuit Lexicon, p. 939.

F. Suarez, Tractatus de religione Societatis Jesu, p. 34.”

(Pg. 25)

Interview with Eric Jon Phelps on Friday at Noon; Jews, the Jesuit Scapegoat Wednesday, Jul 17 2013

A Question for “Brother Nathanael” Tuesday, Jun 18 2013 

Jesuit Coadjutor “Brother Nathanael” has made another video, fingering the Jews as the supreme influence behind Zionism in America.

If that is the case I have a question: If indeed the Jews are behind Zionism and the present war-push toward Syria, why did Israel’s President Shimon Peres  agree to hand over to the Vatican the sovereignty of the holy sites of Jerusalem?


The One Stop Cure All For the White Man Who Thinks The Jews are Behind All His Social Woes Sunday, Jun 2 2013 

The men behind the Uncivil Rights Legislation were Jesuits.

In this famous picture of the men behind the uncivil rights movement we have the black leaders and our court Jew Rabbi Joachim Prinz [a personal acquaintance of SS/SD Adolf Eichmann while in Vienna and chairman of the American Jewish Congress which, under Reformed Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, betrayed European Jews by refusing to aid in their escape from Nazi-occupied Europe], but the man behind all these men is a Jesuit named John Lafarge Jr.,_Jr.

He was the mentor of Randolph who was the mentor of King.

David Southern, John LaFarge and the Limits of Catholic Interracialism, 1911-1963,

Then we have Theodore Hesburgh, Civil Rights Commission-member and President of Notre Dame University (Not in the above picture). He wrote the actual legislation that has so destroyed us here.

Racial Liberation theology was created by the Jesuits in the 18th century. In The Footprints of the Jesuits by R.W. Thompson we read on page 186 of the Jesuit Reductions and their treatment of the Natives of Paraguay,

“After alleging that the power of the Jesuits had so increased as to render it evident that there must be war between them and the Government in Paraguay, it [A statement of grievances by the Portuguese Government-DS] proceeds to affirm “that they were laboring sedulously to undermine the good understanding existing between the Governments of Portugal and Spain,” and that “their machinations were carried on from the Plata to the Rio Grande.” It then embodies in a few expressive words, as given by the Jesuit Weld, these serious charges: “That they had under them thirty-one great populations, producing immense riches to the society, while the people themselves were kept in the most miserable slavery; that no Spaniard or Portuguese, were he even governor or bishop, was ever admitted into the Reductions; that, ‘with strange deceit,’ the Spanish language was absolutely forbidden; that the Indians were trained to an unlimited, blind obedience, kept in the most ‘extraordinary ignorance,’ and the most unsufferable slavery ever known, and under a complete despotism as to body and soul; that they did not know there was any other sovereign in the world than the fathers, and knew nothing of the king, or any other law than the will of the ‘holy fathers;’ that the Indians were taught that white laymen adored gold, had a devil in their bodies, were the enemies of the Indians, and of the images which they adored; that they would destroy their altars, and offer sacrifices of their women and infants; and they were consequently taught to kill white men wherever they could find them, and to be careful to cut off their heads, lest they should come to life again.”

One can even see today that the dominant Liberation Theology taught in Liberal seminaries comes from Gustavo Gutiérrez, a Jesuit trained Domincan monk. His Jesuit instructor was a Frenchman named Henri de Lubac.

Then of course we have the devastating history behind the creation of communism. It was clearly created by the Jesuits.

Thomas Aquinas says,

“The second thing that is competent to man with regard to external things is their use. On this respect man ought to possess external things, not as his own, but as common, so that, to wit, he is ready to communicate them to others in their need. Hence the Apostle says (1 Timothy 6:17-18): “Charge the rich of this world . . . to give easily, to communicate to others,” etc.

Reply to Objection 1. Community of goods is ascribed to the natural law, not that the natural law dictates that all things should be possessed in common and that nothing should be possessed as one’s own: but because the division of possessions is not according to the natural law, but rather arose from human agreement which belongs to positive law, as stated above (57, 2,3). Hence the ownership of possessions is not contrary to the natural law, but an addition thereto devised by human reason.

Reply to Objection 2. A man would not act unlawfully if by going beforehand to the play he prepared the way for others: but he acts unlawfully if by so doing he hinders others from going. On like manner a rich man does not act unlawfully if he anticipates someone in taking possession of something which at first was common property, and gives others a share: but he sins if he excludes others indiscriminately from using it. Hence Basil says (Hom. in Luc. xii, 18): “Why are you rich while another is poor, unless it be that you may have the merit of a good stewardship, and he the reward of patience?”

Summa Theologica, Second Part of the Second Part, Question 66, Article 2,

and again,

“On the contrary, In cases of need all things are common property, so that there would seem to be no sin in taking another’s property, for need has made it common.”

Ibid., Article 7

I have admitted and will continue to admit that the Jews are a problem.

Most of them though are Freemasons which tells me they have a massa in Rome. Freemasonry was created by the Jesuits to regain the Stuart Throne in England after their downfall with the Glorious revolution.

Albert Mackey says in his Encyclopedia of Freemasonry and its Kindred Sciences (McClure Publishing Co.: Philadelphia, 1917), page 134-135,

“Bode, Johann Joachim Christoph.

Born in Brunswick, 18th of January, 1730. One of the most distinguished Masons of his time. . . . in 1757 he established himself at Hamburg as a bookseller, and was initiated into the Masonic Order.. . . To Masonic literature he made many valuable contributions; among others, he translated from the French Bonneville’s celebrated work entitled Les Jesuites chasses de la Maconnerie et leur poignard brise par les Macons, which contains a comparison of Scottish Masonry with the Templarism of the fourteenth century. In 1790 he joined the order of the Illuminati, obtaining the highest degree in its second class, and at the Congress of Wilhelmsbad he advocated the opinions of Weishaupt. No man of his day was better versed than he in the history of Freemasonry, or possessed a more valuable and extensive library; no one was more diligent in increasing his stock of Masonic knowledge, or more anxious to avail himself of the rarest sources of learning. Hence, he has always held an exhalted position among the Masonic scholars of Germany. The theory which he had conceived on the origin of Freemasonry—a theory however, which the investigations of subsequent historians have proved to be untenable [Consider the source-DS]-was that the Order was invented by the Jesuits, in the seventeenth century, as an instrument for the re-establishment of the Roman Church in England, covering it for their own purposes under the mantle of Templarism.”,+Encyclopedia+of+Freemasonry+and+its+Kindred+Sciences&source=bl&ots=N830JQrsmk&sig=UL-dRdnS1XZ6ZehsTCgI9KanwaI&hl=en&sa=X&ei=72h2UPb-Mobo9ATclIDICA&ved=0CDEQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q&f=false

Templarism is Freemasonry and Templarism is ROMAN CATHOLICISM.

Templarism was the Zionist movement before the Jesuits and the Alumbrados, with the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. All Catholic Not Jew.


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