Why was Christmas banned in America until 1820? Sunday, Dec 8 2013 

The Pagans Origins of Christmas Debate Begins Again Sunday, Dec 8 2013 

At this time of year the debates about Christmas come up and so I thought I’d do a copy and paste job from a facebook conversation I had about why Christmas should NOT be observed:

This issue was mastered by Scottish Puritan George Gillespie and then Alexander Hislop’s Two Babylons, which has never been refuted, recent attempts acknowledged: This is the basic argument against Christmas and other pagan holy days, [Take into consideration that I am a Natsarim and observe the Levitical feasts]

They are not commanded in scripture, and are pagan in origin. Monuments of Idolatry are to be destroyed [14]. Christian Holy Days: 1. Diminish the importance of the Sabbath and the Sacramental Feasts. The Sabbaths are given to remember all of YHWH ‘s works. 2. Are monuments of past idolatry. 3. Are idols themselves. 4. Are violations of our duties; YHWH commands that we work on common days and if there is no prohibition to work, such as the Sabbath, we are commanded to work and redeem the time [15]. 5. Are forbidden in Duet 12:29-32 according to the Regulative Principle. Holy days such as Christmas are not simply traditional days for public remembrance, heritage, or civil celebrations but are synchristic acts of religious worship that combine elements of the Bible and paganism. 6. Are not just family days, but more solemn and religious than the weekly Sabbath. 7. Are Relics of idolatry which are never to be Baptized as the Roman religion seeks. Therefore, our relationship to Christmas trees is at least analogous to what Hezekiah did to the brazen serpent that had of late been used in superstitious worship [16]. He did not baptize it, he destroyed it. 8. Lies. Christmas Day: Good Friday, the day “Jesus” died is referred to as the Passover in John 18:39. This celebration begins after sundown on the 14th day of Nisan which on our calendar would be in the middle of March. According to Daniel 9:24-27, there are 70 weeks (weeks are periods of seven years) determined for Israel. There are 69 weeks from the building of the temple to Messiah. The Messiah’s ministry was in the midst of the 70th week, and in the middle of this week he was killed [17]. Therefore, his ministry began at the end of the 69th week and continued until the middle of the 70th week, making his ministry exactly 3 and ½ years in duration. Yĕhowshuwa began his ministry when he was 30 years old [18], as was tradition among the Levite priests from the command of YHWH in the Torah [19]. Therefore, his death was in mid-March. 6 months before mid-March is mid-September and three years before that is obviously mid-September. He began his ministry the same time as his 30th birthday; therefore, he was born in the month of September, not even close to December 25th. Yĕhowshuwa was born and in the same day was lying in a manger [20]. After eight days, he received circumcision [21]. Even as Matthew 2:1 and the context reveal, the magi who came bearing gifts came much later after his birthday; As is added by Matthew 2:11, they found him in a house as compared with his manger birth. The Magi’s gifts were not birthday gifts and it was not the first Christmas celebration.

Easter is the only ceremony that the Anchoretics can show for the first 2 centuries of the Church, “…yet can neither be proved to have been observed in the apostles’ own age, nor yet to have been established in the after age by any law, but only to have crept in by a certain private custom” [22]. These are Churches that abolished Holy days during the Reformation: Geneva, Strasburg Germany, Zurich in Helvetia (Switzerland) [23], Belgic Church National Synod 1578, the Waldenses [24] and even Martin Luther in his A Treatise on Good Works, XVII says, “And would to God that in Christendom there were no holiday except the Sunday…”.

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