Atheism is the Stupidest Philosophy of All Time Wednesday, Dec 31 2014 

Whenever I speak with Libertarians and Anarchists I always go right to the family as a physical and biological necessity to the institution of government (AUTHORITY). I ask them, did you force your citizenship, your language, your culture, your educational curriculum onto your children or did they have a choice in those things? (The same argument goes for paedophilia) They will respond, oh but the children are too young to make those decisions for themselves. Immediately I respond, that is age discrimination. You are an ageist. They laugh it off to dodge the fact that I have shown a huge contradiction in their thinking. Yet, here we have a perfect example that the anarchist thinking is creating a generation of children who have extended the individual sovereignty doctrine and the absolute equality doctrine (The Atheist Legacy of Paine, Jefferson and Franklin, may they rot in the darkest circle of hell) into the realm of age. See minute 2.

My favorite quote,  “Thirteen year olds are perfectly capable of making decisions”

The 53 million murdered children in abortion clinics, the single mother epidemic and the ravished marriage institution  in this country tells me most ADULT women are not capable of making decisions for themselves.

Anti-racism is Pagan Imperialism Friday, Dec 26 2014 

1 Maccabees 1,

 “41-43 Antiochus now issued a decree that all nations in his empire should abandon their own customs and become one people. All the Gentiles and even many of the Israelites submitted to this decree. They adopted the official pagan religion, offered sacrifices to idols, and no longer observed the Sabbath.

44 The king also sent messengers with a decree to Jerusalem and all the towns of Judea, ordering the people to follow customs that were foreign to the country. 45 He ordered them not to offer burnt offerings, grain offerings, or wine offerings in the Temple, and commanded them to treat Sabbaths and festivals as ordinary work days.46 They were even ordered to defile the Temple and the holy things in it. 47 They were commanded to build pagan altars, temples, and shrines, and to sacrifice pigs and other unclean animals there. 48 They were forbidden to circumcise their sons and were required to make themselves ritually unclean in every way they could, 49 so that they would forget the Law which the Lord had given through Moses and would disobey all its commands. 50 The penalty for disobeying the king’s decree was death.”

Chomsky vs Skinner on Innate Forms Monday, Dec 22 2014 

Geocentric Links Tuesday, Dec 16 2014 


Salon Just Doesn’t Get It; Their Darwinist Tradition Is to Blame Tuesday, Dec 16 2014 

I am baffled no one saw the connection to Darwin and his view of the competition between the species. They probably left it out on purpose. Liberals love to complain about the results of their own ideas and then blame conservatives who were forced into this Darwinian economy.

NYC protesters chant for dead cops Tuesday, Dec 16 2014 

Not in the New Covenant? Friday, Dec 12 2014 

Heb 8:11  “And they shall by no means teach each one his neighbour, and each one his brother, saying, ‘Know יהוה,’ because they all shall know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them.


1 Jn 2:27  But the anointing which you have received from Him stays in you, and you have no need that anyone should teach you. But as the same anointing does teach you concerning all, and is true, and is no falsehood, and even as it has taught you, you stay in Him.

Alexander Stephens: Lincoln (2012) Sunday, Dec 7 2014 

Did You Know that Modern Feminism was Funded by the C.I.A. ? Thursday, Dec 4 2014 

2:58: “I had once been…that I had for four years been a Central Intelligence agent”

Hebrew Roots Exposed Part 3; Rico Cortes Refuted Monday, Dec 1 2014 

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