I am a Natsarim, Hebrew Roots believer in Yehushuwah HaMashiach in Louisville, Ky. I follow the Torah, i.e. the Feasts and the Kosher laws.

I believe in:

Scripturalist  Epistemology and Metaphysics. There are overlaps between this Philosophy and Theology, however, I believe in the Original Nicene Creed 325 A.D., a Single Subject Christology,  a Synergy in Messiah (Per 6th Ecumenical Council) and a Westminster Soteriology in General (Five Points, Forensic Justification by Faith Alone, Free Offer, Common Grace).

Original Nicene (325)-Pre-Filioque Triadology

I believe in Synagogue Worship-A Capella Psalm Singing, Scripture reading and exposition

I believe the Covenant of Circumcision still abides and was not replaced by baptism.

Salvation- Regeneration is monergistic, everything else is synergistic. Both Participatory and Forensic-All aspects of salvation are Participatory except for justification. Justification is a forensic act of aquittal, whereby the surety righteousness (that is the Logos’ created acts of obedience to God’s law in the assumed human nature) are through the administration of the Covenant of Grace sourced in the over-arching Covenant of Redemption, imputed, not infused, to the elect believer. Considered as ontologically united to Christ’s person respecting his divine nature (per the Clarkian view of Saving Faith), the elect believer is ontologically identified with the person of Christ, which provides the foundation for a representational identification with the person of Christ respecting his human nature.  At the point of faith the elect believer is united to Christ and the work of Christ is applied to the believer.

I am a Post Mil-Historicist Protestant (Which means I believe the Pope is THE Antichrist not just AN Anitchrist) and an active Anti-Roman Catholic.

I am 33 years old and I live in Louisville, Ky. This site is devoted to Natsarim Apologetics, Puritan and Scripturalist Apologetics against Eastern Orthodoxy, Thomism and its brainchild Van Tilism, Romanism and Atheism. The Protestant Reformation did not do a thorough enough job IMO. I am finishing the job here.


1. I no longer believe in a Sunday Sabbath. I believe the original 7th Day Sabbath to be the teaching of Scripture: https://sites.google.com/a/thekingsparlor.com/the-protestant-scripturalist-church-of-louisville/should-christians-keep-the-sabbath

2. I no longer believe that Images of Christ are unlawful. The Puritanic prohibitions against images operate off of the Triune Neo-Platonism. https://eternalpropositions.wordpress.com/2013/01/12/nicene-monarchism-and-images-of-christ/

3. I no longer believe that the Kosher laws and the Feasts have been abrogated. Yahshua did not abrogate one jot or tittle of the Torah.

4. I no longer believe in eternal conscious punishment in hell which is based on the equally erroneous idea of the innate immortality of the soul.

5. I do not believe that the book of James is canonical.