Yankee Abolitionist Red-Republican Chickens Coming Home to Roost with Gay Rights Friday, Feb 28 2014 

The Yankee Abolitionists forced Abolition on us, forced Racial Integration on us, and now Yahowah is forcing homosexuality on them. Yankees getting exactly what they deserve. Oh how I love it!

Ralph Borodi’s Condemnation of the Industrial Revolution Thursday, Aug 1 2013 



Commented at the Fairwell Famous Kinist Site Spirit/Water/Blood Saturday, Jun 8 2013 


I agree with everything racial here which is why I cannot accept the Triune God doctrine. That doctrine is at the basis of an absolute social equality. The original doctrine of God in the Apostle’s Creed and the Nicene Creed is that the one God is the Father and eternally begotten of the Father is the Son and eternally proceeding is the Holy Spirit. This view, where the Father is the supreme person is the basis for social supremacy of the Father and the idea of private property. The Triune God doctrine denies the supremacy of the Father and also denies the principle of private property. In order for all three persons to be absolutely equal the idea of private property must be abandoned which is where the Filioque heresy came from. It is no accident that Karl Marx used the Triune God view to illustrate his Communism and denied the original Nicene view.

John Hull, Emeritus Professor of Religious Education at the University of Birmingham, states in his, The Holy Trinity and Christian Education in a Pluralist World ,

“There is no hierarchy of power, no monarch from whom the Son and then the Spirit emanate, but a society of perfect order in perfect equality. ‘The Father is in me and I am in the Father’ (John 10:38). ‘The oppressed struggle for participation at all levels of life, for a just and egalitarian sharing while respecting the differences between persons and groups; they seek communion with other cultures and with other values. . .’. Leonardo Boff continues ‘For those who have faith, the trinitarian communion between the divine Three, the union between them in love and vital interpenetration, can serve as a source of inspiration, as a utopian goal that generates models of successively diminishing differences’.(58)”

Where oh, where did he get this idea? Hull states in his Karl Marx on Capital: Some Implications for Christian Adult Education,

“Just as the Father, notes Marx, in the Holy Trinity differentiates himself from the Son in the process of the eternal begetting of the Son and yet the Father and the Son remain one, and are also of one age since neither has a temporal priority, so capital differentiates itself into money and into commodities. ‘The Son, and by the Son the Father, is begotten. So soon does their difference vanish and they again become one.’ [Marx, The Capital, Volume 1, Part 2, Chapter 4. See also footnote 15 of Capital 1973, Vol. 1,
p.154-DS] Marx goes so far in denying the subordination of the Son because he wants to deny the monarchic principle. He wants a dynamic Trinity of complete mutuality between Father and Son, in which value is conceived by capital and made manifest through process.”


Black Mob Violence In Chicago; NUTS! Wednesday, Apr 17 2013 

The Yankee abolition philosophy which rose out of the Semi-Pelagianism of the “Second Great Awakening” and perfected in the Uncivil Rights Era is fully developed in Chicago. The Blacks are utterly Savage and all hell is breaking loose.



Still think Drake is a conspiracy theorist? This will continue to happen and when it it comes full blossom, those of us who have been exposing it will be considered heroes to our white peers. Ignore all the desperate personal attacks of the white libtards my white racialist brother. In a short time, we shall be considered the Orthodox and they the heretics.



The Truth About Genesis 9 and Race Relations; Can You Handle The Truth? Wednesday, Mar 6 2013 

It has been a popular diversion of late to dismiss my life’s work against the Triune innovation by appealing to my supposed racist views. I have been told that my view of Genesis 9 and the black race is an innovation that arose in the Antebellum South to justify slavery and the subjugation of blacks. I reply.

In the 17th Century in England, there lived an English Puritan named Matthew Poole. From the great Multi-Biography Meet the Puritans:

“His first major work was Synopsis Criticorum aliorumque Sacrae Scripturae Interpretum (1669-1676), a five volume work that compiled and abridged the work of biblical commentators from all ages and nations…This work, though famous in its day, was never translated from Latin to English.

Poole began compiling Synopsis Criticorum in 1666 and worked on it every day for ten years. His plan was to study from 4 a.m. until supper, stopping only to eat a raw egg at 8:30 a.m. and another egg at noon. In the evening he visited friends.” (pg. 486)

Well a gentleman living today, a Dr. Dilday, has begun a translation of this work and I have purchased the first Volume. This may be the most authoritative Commentary in Christian History.  Now what does this Commentary say about the infamous passages in Genesis 9? Poole says,

“Of the sons of Noah, Ham was sent away into Africa, where he was worshipped under the name of Jupiter Ham, or Hammon, as Herodatus and Plutarch testify. And, in Jeremiah 46:25,Amon of No, that is, the god Amon, whose temple was in the city of No. (For that reason, Egyptian Thebes was called dio/spolij, a city of the god, by the Greeks; Amon of No by the Hebrews, or No of Amon, Ezekiel 30:15;Nahum 3:8.) That the name of Ammon was known in all Africa and Arabia, the Ammon river and the Ammonite people of Arabia show, Pliny’s Natural History 6:28. The Ammonite headland, Ptolemy’s Geography 6:7. A city of Ammon, Ptolemy’s Geography 4:3; and another Ammonite city, Strabo’s Geography 17; and the temple of Ammon on the island of Meroë, and the Ammonite country, Ptolemy’s Geography 4:5, where is the most famous oracle of Ammon; and all Africa is called Ammonite, Stephanus out of Alexander Polyhistor, who lived in Egypt under Ptolemy Lathyrus. From Chamo/Ham Egypt was called Chemia (Plutarch’s The Worship of Isis and Osiris), or Chamia, and by the Copts (who hold fast most pertinaciously the ancient names), Chemi at the present time.

Hence also the counties or cities (or districts [Bochart’s Sacred Geography “Phaleg” 4:1:230] are called, Chemmis, Psochemmis, Psittachemmis. Moreover, these things demonstrate that Ham is the Jupiter of the Poets: 1. The name Hammon is given to Jupiter. 2. As Mxa signifies fervid, so also Zeu…Zeus is from seething. 3. As Ham was the youngest son of Noah, Genesis 9:24, so also Jupiter was to Saturn. 4. It is imagined that he was the lord of heaven, because Africa fell to him, which is between the Tropics and is thought to be nearest to heaven. 5. Jupiter castrated his father; from Genesis 9:22…, and he told, which, when the points were absent, could have been read…,and he cut away. And they say that this was done by Jupiter on Corcyra,an island of the Phæacians: Lycophronin Cassandra 76. Thus the Poets were deceived by the equivocation of the name.”


Ok, the first premise has been established. Yes, the Hamite line is the Black peoples of Africa. Yes, if you are wondering, I have had people challenge this premise.[Steve Hays] Poole has well established it. Continuing,

“The outcome of matters confirmed this prophecy concerning the sons of Noah. Ham cut off the families of his son from all dignity, which was threefold: the priesthood (which Shem obtained), the double portion (which was to Japheth), and the supremacy (Fuller) [Are we paying attention?-DS]. Shem subjugated Japheth, and Japheth subjugated Shem: but Ham subjugated neither; neither has any of the sons of Ham yet ruled over Japheth (Mede’s Diatribe “Discourse 48”). The supremacy of Nimrod is not at all to be compared with the empires of the Assyrians, Chaldeans, Greeks, and Romans, neither with respect to multitudes, nor extent, nor duration. [Steve Hays refuted again.-DS] God is the God of Shem…To Japheth was allotted the whole of Europe and the greater (namely, the more northern) part of Asia, and even America, which, it is probable, was first occupied by him.[Crickets-DS] Ham, so called from …heat, received a sweltering region. The whole of Africa was once called ‘Ammonis or ‘Ammonia, [My English rendition from the Greek.-DS] says Stephanus, from Ammon. This Ammon was Jupiter, namely, Sol … And if it is likely that the Assyrians deified Nimrod, a foreigner, by the name of Jupiter Belus, why would not the Libyans also consecrate Ham, the progenitor of their own race, by the name Jupiter Hammon? Egypt was formerly called Xehmia [My English rendition from the Greek.-DS]/Chemia (as Plutarch testifies in The Worship of Isis and Osiris) by the most experienced of the priests (Fuller’s Sacred Miscellany 2:4)…

[Buckle up, here it comes! -DS] Canaan shall be his servant. This was eminently accomplished; for though Shem and Japheth, in their posterity, did successively conquer and rule one over the other, yet none of Ham’s posterity did ever bear rule over Japheth; but Ham, though for a time he bore sway in his son Nimrod, yet that dominion soon expired, and the Assyrians, Chaldeans, Grecians, and Romans ruled the world for a succession of many ages, and Ham’s people were constantly their servants and subjects.”


Here we have all of the fundamental points which have formed the basis of the  accusations that I am a crazed racist. Well, that is really easy to say and not so easy to prove.  Could it be that most Lincolnist Christians are really just very ignorant and weak minded people? Could it be that the reason most Lincolnist Christians demonize me is because they are afraid of what will happen to them if they stand with the truth? Yes, I have been contacted by the Southern Poverty Law Center and those people have a reputation for absolutely ruining the lives of people like me. Could that be why I am shunned?  You know, sometimes, the truth hurts and many people can’t handle the truth.

The Union Army; Freedom Fighters or Communist Thugs? Friday, Feb 8 2013 

Karl Marx writes in his letter to Abraham Lincoln,

“The workingmen of Europe feel sure that, as the American War of Independence initiated a new era of ascendancy for the middle class, so the American Antislavery War will do for the working classes. They consider it an earnest of the epoch to come that it fell to the lot of Abraham Lincoln, the single-minded son of the workingclass, to lead his country through the matchless struggle for the rescue of an enchained race and the reconstruction of a social world.”[1]

Young Spartacus, Number 105, December 1982-January 1983[2],

“The  American  Civil  War is,  in fact, one  of  the  few  clearly  revolutionary wars  in  history.  Revolutionaries of the era flocked  to fight in the Union army, and  of  these,  German  revolutionary emigres  from  the  1848  Revolution formed the largest contingent. Friedrich Anneke,  Friedrich  Franz  Hecker, Marx’s close friend Joseph Weydemeyer, were all  colonels in the Union army. Marx  personally  knew  Union generals and  German  revolutionaries  August Willich,  Louis Blenker,  Alexander Schimmelfennig and Carl Schurz. Gustave Paul Clusseret,  later  a  Paris Communard  and  comrade  of  Marx, gained experience as a Union general in the Civil War.”

Introduction: If you support the Yankee cause in the Civil War you are a Communist.

Here is a List of Union Leaders who were Communists.

1. Brigadier General Joseph Weydemeyer was a member of the Communist League. You can find correspondence between Weydemeyer and Karl Marx in Marx’s Letter to Joseph Weydemeyer, March 5, 1852.[3]

2. Assistant Secretary of War Charles Anderson Dana, also managing editor of the New York Tribune was connected to Karl Marx. Dana had Marx’s work published frequently.[4][5] The letter written to Brigadier General Joseph Weydemeyer, mentions Dana in the first line as being a coadjutor with Marx.

3. According to Young Spartacus, as quoted above, Louis Blenker, previous  member of the German Revolutionary party of 1848, (And remember, 1848 is the year of the Third French Revolution and the Communist Manifesto) and Brigadier General  of the Union Army, had strong connections to Karl Marx.

4. One of the Leaders of the Communist League in Germany, August Willich, later Major General in the Union Army, had strong connections to Marx as Young Spartacus testifies.

5. Allan Pinkerton, formerly active in Socialist British Chartism[6], was later head of the Union Intelligence Service for the Yankee’s Union Army.

6. As testified by Young Spartacus, Carl Schurz, later Union Army General, had strong Connections to Karl Marx, as he was also active in the German Revolution of 1848.

7. As testified by Young Spartacus, Alexander Schimmelfennig had strong connections to Karl Marx and, and was a general in the Union Army. He was previously active in the Communist League and was closely connected to Carl Schurz and August Willich.

8. Franz SIEGEL, Union Major General, was previously active in the German Revolution of 1848 and the 1849 Baden Revolution.[7] Later he became the director of the St. Louis public schools in 1860. Are we starting to see how and why the myth of the Virtuous Yankee has been forced onto our minds here?

9. As testified by Young Spartacus, Friedrich Karl Franz HECKER was also connected to Karl Marx. He also was active in the German Revolution of 1848. He was later Brigade Commander in the Union Army.

Others are listed here, but I think the reader gets the message.

The Civil War was first, not a Civil War. We in the South were not fighting to control the United States Government. That would have been a Civil War. We were fighting for the right to be left alone. It was a war of Northern Communist Aggression  and as I have shown, Communism was created and Controlled by the Jesuits. Let’s just be quite accurate: It was a Communist Revolution which in fact is a Jesuit controlled INQUISITION.

Jim Crow and Historical Mythology Monday, Jan 7 2013 

When faced with a defender of the Southern Confederacy, and especially one who finds meaning in his race and the history of his bloodline, modern Yankee-Communists who have not the courage to identify themselves as what they are, will throw Jim Crow Laws in our face, and demand an explanation. My Confederate brother, if you are in an argument with a modern Yankee-Communist and they try this one, rest at ease, this little duckling does not have a clue what he, excuse me she (-devil), is talking about.

The Jim Crow Laws were racial segregation legislation, most famously constituted in the Plessy v. Ferguson case (1896), which dictated a “separate but equal” status for blacks. This legislation enabled much disenfranchisement for blacks. Similar legislation had been passed by the Union Government for years after the War and into Reconstruction.  Now, who passed this law?

It was passed by the Supreme Court with a vote of 7 to 1. All the affirmative voters were Yankees and led by Henry Billings Brown who was born in Massachusetts, started his career in Michigan and died in New York.   The only dissenting voice was a Southerner, named John Marshall Harlan, who came from a family that owned a slave plantation and for my personal delight, he also happened to be a Presbyterian.

Thomas DiLorenzo points out in his When Dictatorship Came to America,

“Emison documents the truth behind Tocqueville’s statement in Democracy in America that “the problem of race” was even worse in the North than it was in the South in the early nineteenth century. He presents a table of seventy-six Northern Jim Crow Laws that were enacted beginning with Vermont in 1777 and ending with New York in 1868. Jim Crow laws were a Northern invention. In the decade preceding the War to Prevent Southern Independence alone, California, Utah Territory, Indiana, Ohio, Kansas Territory, Nebraska Territory, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Oregon disenfranchised all free blacks.

In 1839 Ohio’s legislature passed “a resolution that Negroes have no right to petition the legislature for any purpose whatever.” Massachusetts banned interracial marriage in 1836, after Rhode Island did so in 1822; during the same year (1836), state legislator Abraham Lincoln voted for an Illinois resolution that “the elective franchise should be kept pure from contamination by the admission of colored votes”; In 1833 Connecticut criminalized “the establishment of any school for persons of the African race”; Ohio, Indiana and Illinois required “good behavior bonds” from free blacks; many Northern states enacted “Negro Exclusion Laws”; the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled that blacks were not citizens twenty years before the famous Dred Scott decision; and Illinois amended its Constitution in 1862 to add a Negro exclusion provision.”


and again in his The Lunatic Left Is Getting Desperate,

“Jim Crow laws existed throughout the Northern states for many decades before they were imposed on the South by the Republican Party’s military occupation authorities during Reconstruction.”


I have actually read Unionists complain that the Confederate Flag  is a symbol for Jim Crow! No joke!

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