I have had a few conversations with Reformed guys who are agreeing with my criticisms of Scholasticism, ADS and Filioque and agreeing with my affirmations of Original Nicene Triadology. These are my terms of communion to those considering these things. If you provide a public Church document espousing these points I will apply for membership at your Church immediately:

1. A public denunciation of that Papal Roman doctrine Filioque.

2. Public espousal of these ecclesiastical documents:

I. Proper Theology Proper and Triadology:

The Original Nicene Creed (First Ecumenical Council)

The Anathemas Against Origen (Fifth Ecumenical Council)

II. Proper Christology which implies a Christian philosophy which makes some kind of ontological union between humanity and divinity possible not necessarily every kind of ontological union. I am not necessarily demanding Clark’s Scripturalism but this premise must be maintained: humanity and divinity are not in incompatible metaphysical categories but the logos of humanity is to participate in the divine and uncreated. At the same time, the essence of God is not outside of Being/Predication.

The ‘Theopaschite’ Formula: “One of the Trinity Has Suffered”

The Twelve Anathemas of Cyril Against Nestorius (Third Ecumenical Council of Ephesus)

The Definition of Faith of the Council of Chalcedon (Fourth Ecumenical Council)

Constantinople 553, The Capitula of the Council VII

III. Proper Worship and Ecclesiology:

The Directory for the Publick Worship of God. An Act of the Parliament of the Kingdom of Scotland, approving and establishing the Directory for Publick Worship at Edinburgh, February 6, 1645.

The Directory for Family Worship; Assembly at Edinburgh, August 24, 1647, Sess. 10.

The Form of Presbyterian Church Government; Assembly at Edinburgh, February 10, 1645, Sess. 16

IV. Proper Covenant Theology and Soteriology

The Sum of Saving Knowledge

3. I would also strongly suggest a public affirmation that the Roman papacy is the Antichrist and man of sin (not just an antichrist) and that the said Church is committed to a public removal of the Popish Church from our land: Thus, The Solemn League And Covenant or some other document that binds us to national enmity with the Papacy.