The End of Yankee Industrialism: Human Obsolescence Right at Our Front Door Wednesday, Jan 22 2014

Maybe that Southern Agrarian Heresy doesn’t sound so bad right now does it?


Justified Genocide; Chronicles of Southern Reconstruction Monday, Jan 20 2014 

New on Netflix: Death by China Thursday, Nov 21 2013 

Just watched this documentary yesterday on Netflix Instant. This is devastating. One of the most important documentaries I have ever seen.

Secular Absolutism, Better Than Christian? Friday, Sep 27 2013 

JP Morgan,

“My Special job is the most interesting I know of anywhere. More fun than being king, pope, or prime minister anywhere-for no one can turn me out of it and I don’t have to make any compromises with principles”.

The Industrial Revolution; an Ugly Civilization Part 1 Monday, Aug 5 2013

Ralph Borodi’s Condemnation of the Industrial Revolution Thursday, Aug 1 2013 


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