I changed the name of my blog today, to reflect an ever-growing frustration with the city of my childhood and current residency. Currently my city is bereft of a Reformed Ministry in the midst of thousands of people that think they are Reformed Christians. Here in Louisville, the home of the Southern Baptist Seminary racket where the Protestant Reformation and its Puritan Theologians have been replaced by the never ending theological factions of this Seminary’s faculty. These people haven’t a clue what they believe. There is no uniformity in doctrine among them if you can convince them to take a position on much at all. Their worship is no different than an experience at the local coffee bar and cafe where teenage kids strum their guitars and sing kumbayah. It is truly nothing more than man’s innovations designed to entertain people for their money. Their religion is for children or for adults who have only been converted for a few years. I believe the only reason educated adults stay in these churches is for the money, the social network benefits, or the influence and power they can have over hundreds of young minds. These churches, take for instance Sojourn Community Church, are modern day sitcoms or reality shows where naive and bright eyed youths meet in remodeled houses with cool art deco, wearing black rimmed glasses and tight ripped jeans while sipping hazelnut lattes. They think its cool to wear Monergism t-shirts with mugshots of Puritans like John Owen. But guess what guys, a little knowledge of predestination, and wearing the acronym TULIP on your chest does not make you Reformed. John Calvin said,

“If it be inquired, then, by what things chiefly the Christian religion has a standing existence among us and maintains its truth, it will be found that the following two not only occupy the principal place, but comprehend under them all the other parts, and consequently the whole substance of Christianity, viz. a knowledge, first, of the mode in which God is duly worshiped; and, secondly, of the source from which salvation is to be obtained.” John Calvin, The Necessity of Reforming the Church. pg. 13 (ed. H. Beveridge [Philadelphia, PA: Presbyterian Board of Publication, 1844])

A strong emphasis on the first table of the law is the essence of what it means to be Puritan Reformed. You guys are just playing games as you assemble to hear your Gospel Coalition schismatics who love to abrogate centuries of scripture interpretation to feed their pride and their pretended liberty of conscience. You may call yourself an evangelical, but you are not Reformed. You don’t believe the regulative principle. That doctrine is specifically what it means to be Reformed. If you use musical instruments, non-inspired song, choirs, rock bands, plays, or musicals in worship you are not Reformed. If, like the Sojourn Community Church you begin to celebrate the so called Christian Year, which in itself is nothing but lies and superstition, you are not Reformed. SOUTHERN BAPTIST SEMINARY IS NOT REFORMED.

It may seem really cool that you are starting churches with cool rock bands and that you are helping the poor, but what about 15 years from now? After you find out that most of the people you know don’t believe what you believe? What happens after you are faced with someone who challenges you about the doctrines of the Trinity and the Hypostatic union and your pastor doesn’t have a clue what to tell you, but hey he wears a really cool jacket when he preaches? What happens when your children or someone close to you rejects the Church and becomes an atheist because of how confused and scatterbrained your churches are? What happens when you are protesting homosexuality and someone informs you that the same passages you are using to condemn homosexuality commit you to theocratic principles of government that you are not aware of?   This system of theology does not have the answers for you and it cannot  sustain a human civilization.