Pope says communists are closet Christians Sunday, Jun 29 2014 


Pope Francis calling for one world communism Sunday, May 11 2014 


The Absolute Joke of Black Higher Education Tuesday, May 6 2014 

Plato and Socrates Against Democracy Thursday, May 1 2014 

Plato, The Republic, Book VIII


James Madison Against Democracy Friday, Apr 18 2014 


Religious Fawners of Marxism Sunday, Oct 13 2013 

Gabriel Sivan says in his The Bible and Civilization,

“The belief that the welfare of each individual is the rightful concern of the state and that natural wealth and the means of production are the common heritage of all men long predates the “doctrinaire” Socialism of the 19th Century.”   (pg. 179)

This seems to be a conflation between generic and numeric nature. True, animal-kind is given to man-kind as means of production. That does not mean that a particular animal is given to mankind or to a particular man or men.

Karl Marx Was Controlled by Jesuit Father Peter Jan Beckx? Sunday, Sep 22 2013 

Interview with Karl Marx by H., Chicago Tribune, January 5 1879,

“It is said that you are the head and front of socialism, Doctor, and from your villa here pull the wires of all the associations, revolutions, etc., now going on. What do you say about it?”

[Marx] The old gentleman smiled: “I know it.”

“It Is Very Absurd yet it has a comic side. For two months previous to the attempt of Hoedel, Bismarck complained in his North German Gazette that I was in league with Father Beck, the leader of the Jesuit movement, and that we were keeping the socialist movement in such a condition that he could do nothing with it.”

“But your International Society in London directs the movement?”

[Marx] “The International Society has outlived its usefulness and exists no longer. It did exist and direct the movement; but the growth of socialism of late years has been so great that its existence has become unnecessary. Newspapers have been started in the various countries. These are interchanged. That is about the only connection the parties in the different countries have with one another. The International Society, in the first instance, was created to bring the workmen together, and show the advisability of effecting organization among their various nationalities. The interests of each party in the different countries have no similarity. This specter of the Internationalist leaders sitting at London is a mere invention. It is true that we dictated to foreign societies when the Internationalist organization was first accomplished. We were forced to exclude some sections in New York, among them one in which Madam Woodhull was conspicuous. that was in 1871. there are several American politicians – I will not name them – who wish to trade in the movement. They are well known to American socialists.”


Ralph Borodi’s Condemnation of the Industrial Revolution Thursday, Aug 1 2013 



Friedrich Engels on Integration and Miscegenation Monday, Jun 3 2013 

Engels states in his The Principles of Communism 1847,

“— 22 —
What will be the attitude of communism to existing nationalities?

The nationalities of the peoples associating themselves in accordance with the principle of community will be compelled to mingle with each other as a result of this association and thereby to dissolve themselves, just as the various estate and class distinctions must disappear through the abolition of their basis, private property.”


Monsanto and its Hypocritical Protestors Wednesday, May 29 2013 

The Occupy Movement protested their Yankee Capitalist anti-thesis on May 25th.


I pointed out to the local Chapter that their protest was hypocrisy. Their protest argued that Monsanto is polluting our food supply and destroying ma and pa markets. Their Communist brethren invaded and destroyed a ma and pa agricultural society with the American Civil War.


You can also read Sutton’s Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution to see how Communism does the bidding of Wall Street.

Occupy is a bull shit movement for ignorant know nothing Communists.

Away down South in Dixie, over and out.


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