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Peter’s Criticisms of The Factory Produced Market Based Consumer Society

Malthusian principle-episode 3, 23:15-30

Because of competition, human employment is in com petition with factory technology.

Intrinsic obsolescence and planned obsolescence

1. Not much documentation, he just tells you that is the way something is or that is how history went.

2.His treatment of the history of the Industrial Revolution was lacking. See Webb and Borsodi. He never touches corporate personhood

3. He never touches usury- and the fact that he lumps the enemy in with those that believe the bible is a howler. Secular thought has dominated the past 150 years.

4. He constantly exposes the false dialectics that are imposed on us by the media with the “demopublicans” but he operates off the same dialectic when he constantly mocks those who criticize communism. He makes fun of the idea that his view is communism but never defines the difference. The closest he got was by stating that the communism-capitalism-dialectic is no longer applicable because of technology-technology has made human labor obsolete, thus promoting the labor force and worker’s unions are facile- (I guess) he is in fact making the means of production state property- racial integration and dissolution is clearly advocated by engels, principles of communism section 22 – most political systems hold to this form of communism. Hard for most to criticize peter.
Engels, section 7, the proletarian must sell himself daily and hourly.

Just read Engels Principles of Communism. This is what peter believes.

5. Episode 4: 4:15-4:26- he is so huperousia, ooo my- then he accuses Stefan of this here:
12:45-55; I hate being human, I’m really an alien, I’m so above everyone at anytime. I think this is at the root of atheism. These people are so arrogant that associating themselves with a historic movement, like a religious movement, would place themn within humanity which they find themselves above. WE see here the intrinsic hermeticism woven into the secular movement. This movement is designed to arrogate to the individual divine attributes (huperousia, omniscience), which ironically , they deny even exist, and also ironically, and at least paradoxically, if not flat contradiction, claim that the religious dogmatist is the one with the ego problem.

6. Moreover, Peter claims that his solution is beyond isms. This is all practical, yet again and gain he is making metaphysical, claims about human nature. The materialists were very careful to construct their Behaviorist views of human nature. If he denies Behaviorist views of determinism, how does outside influences control human nature but through the mind? But wait, materialists do not believe in the mind. John B. Watson, Behaviorism

“Behaviorism claims that ‘consciousness’ is neither a definable nor a useable concept; that it is merely another word for the ‘soul’ of more ancient times…(pg3) No one has ever touched a soul or has seen one in a test tube.”

Another metaphysical claim that he makes is human equality- is that based on your scientific research or on your religious conditioning as a neoplatonist?

Could it be that PETER is operating under occult religious principles and he is unknowingly laying the foundations for a new global religion?

7. Science:;

8. Science as religion- not saying that experiments are sacraments. Monism, abiogensis, numbers reflect physical reality, you can know things from sensation, induction, existence of any objective ethical theory, individual sovereignty, this is all religion.

9. Everything is so ad hoc- oh everyone will just cooperate with a global economy- example- episode 6, 22 minutes, oh so, these men who invent these machines will no longer require patent privileges and just hand over this technology to mankind for free! Sure Peter. These men, and they will most likely be white men, will demand social supremacy and people will give it to them.

10. He is supposedly nonreligious but he operates off of Pelagianism- no innate forms or tendencies in nature. It is all a product of environment- this is communism. God is Just: A Defense of the Old Testament Civil Laws By Stephen Halbrook.

11. No innate forms –if that is true, then the ideas you are espousing are a product of the market-growth-consumption-competition economy’s influence on you and is therefore another mechanism of it

12. The problem is not a market economy. The problem is the particular mode of the market economy, namely the industrial, factory based, mass production. What we need is domestic production.

13. PETER COMPLAINS ABOUT PEOPLE BEING BRAINWASHED yet he himself buys all the racial propaganda.

14. Peter Joseph thinks that Government is not necessary or a result of human nature. I appreciate his honesty. This is the consistent atheist position. The institution of Civil Government, is not a human invention designed to control humanity through Priestcraft or other forms of psychological manipulation. It is a divine ordinance derived from God the Father immediately as Creator (Rom 13:1, 2). Thus it is a law of nature. Therefore, even if Adam had not fallen, Civil Government would still have been ordained though the power of the sword would not have been. The institution of the Church, is also not a human invention designed to control humanity through Priestcraft or other forms of psychological manipulation. It is a divine ordinance derived from Christ immediately as Mediator (Eph 4:11-12). We can infer this because there is a Government even among the sinless angels. (Josh 5:14-15-Captain of angels; Dan 10:13- Chief among angels; Col 1:16-Invisible dominions). Therefore, this institution is not based on grace but on nature, while the Church is based on grace.

15. Peter’s Zeitgeist 1

You guys got this from the Protestants. Two Babylons By Alexander Hislop. We agree. The Natsarim, Hebrew Roots Restoration is built on this idea. movement.

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