How to Identify Absolute Divine Simplicity (ADS); Exposing Paul Helm’s Monad Saturday, Jun 30 2012 

Mr. Helm I Have You Locked On

Paul Helm has written a book on Divine Freedom with regard to Creation and Eternal Generation entitled Eternal God. He argues that creation is a necessity of nature. Defenders of his book, such as my able friend Ryan Hedrich defend his view while at the same time rejecting ADS. Two points have surfaced in our dialogue that methinks clearly exposes the Monadic/Neoplatonic/Plotinian nature of any kind of defense of a Creation that extends from God as a necessity of nature (CENN [Creation extends as a necessity of nature]).

1. Defenders of CENN think that the only alternative to CENN is a different external world than the one we live in.  Following Athanasius and Greek Theologians (Florovsky, Creation and Redemption), I am not asserting that the only other alternative to CENN is another external world but ANOTHER KIND OF ETERNITY WITHIN GOD DISTINCT FROM DIVINE NATURE, NAMELY DIVINE WILL. This shows that they see no other thing within God but divine nature, WHICH IS WHY I keep coming back to the idea that CENN collapses nature and will as the same thiNG. Thus it is the same eternity and no other ETERNITY IS POSSIBLE. That is ADS. No nature-will distinction is ADS/Monadism/Emanationism/Neoplatonism/Plotinianism as I have shown here: Aquinas Summa Contra Gentiles I.73.
2. I have consistently argued that CENN implies that God’s nature is dependant on creation. Thus God is not good unless he is being good to creatures. God is not good unless there is created evil to contrast with his goodness (Thus the pagan moral dualism: First, some review on the nature of ADS: Three Types of Religious Philosophy by Gordon Clark (The Trinity Foundation: Jefferson, Maryland, 1989), pg. 63,

“Thomas [Aquinas-DS] developed the theory of analogy far beyond the simple observation of Aristotle, and it took on major proportions when the subject was God. Thomas held that the simplicity of the divine being required God’s existence to be identical with his essence. This is not the case with a book or pencil. That a book is and what a book is are two different matters. But with God existence and essence are identical. For this reason an adjective predicated of God and the same adjective predicated of man are not univocal in meaning. One may say, God is good, and one may say, This man is good; but the predicate has two different meanings. There is no term, not a single one, that can be predicated univocally of God and of anything else.”

Now let us examine Mr. Helm: Ryan quotes Helm,

“If God is self-sufficient does he need to create? In one sense, obviously not. If a country is self-sufficient [Notice he is talking about God’s nature-DS] it does not need to import goods. But an individual may be self-sufficient in the sense that nothing else is necessary for that individual’s existence [Notice how he equates essence/nature with existence-DS] and yet he may wish to act or communicate himself, though not because he has a psychological need or deficiency, or some other defect of existence or character [Existence and character is synonymous? HMMMMM…Who else has said that? Thomas Aquinas maybe? -DS] such that he has to communicate or create. To want to do something may be a sign not of weakness but of strength, not of deficiency but of fullness. So that it seems perfectly consistent with the fact that God does not need anything that he nevertheless wishes to have other beings and creates in accordance with these wishes. And it would be a perverse piece of argumentation which attempted to qualify this by saying, ‘Ah, yes, but this means that God needs to wish to create.’ This is rather like the claim that all human actions are selfish. There is a sense, a perfectly trivial sense, in which all human actions are selfish, in the sense that all such action is the action of the self who performs it. But there is a non-trivial sense in which what a person does is selfish because it is at the expense of the legitimate interests of others. In the same way there is a trivial sense in which it might be said, from the very fact that God has created the universe and you and me in it, that God needs you and me [For his essence or his existence Mr. Helm? Oh that’s right you think they are the same thing. -DS]. Otherwise why would he have created us? But there is another sense in which he clearly did not need you and me, in the sense in which neither you nor I are necessary for God’s being God. We may be pretty important people but it would be taking things a bit too far to suppose that our non-existence would result in God’s non-existence as well. Although the language may seem rather extravagant to our ears, Jonathan Edwards is expressing a perfectly consistent and intelligible position when he writes that ‘a disposition in God, as an original property of his nature, to an emanation of his own infinite fullness, was what excited him to create the world’. ([Eternal God-DS] pgs. 193-194)”

I think that should suffice as a kill shot.

Now some may be asking themselves: Drake what is the big deal about divine simplicity? So what if Helm believes in ADS?!

Would you rather take the red pill or the blue bill?

The Red Pill:

The Blue Pill:

More Black on White Crime Friday, Jun 29 2012 

The Website for the Protestant Scripturalist Church of Louisville Is Up! Sunday, Jun 24 2012 

Here is the link:

I need serious prayer people. Pray that God brings people to the Church. As a side note, if you are a Scripturalist, what excuse do you have to not help me do this? The Church you attend doesn’t believe the same doctrine of God as you. Even if the Pastor does the denomination doesn’t and you are playing the Jesuit with your Denominational vows! Clark taught that personhood is essentially consciousness and mind. Every person is a hypostatized mind. If that is true, then there are three minds in the Godhead. The Westminster Confession and all the Protestant Scholastic Confessions do not teach that! How can you be a member of a Church that that does not believe in the same God as you? I am not saying that these people are going to hell because they really do not know what they believe. But you do! If they don’t understand the way you do, they cannot BELIEVE the way you do. How can you stay in that Church? Even if you disagree with some of the things I believe, at least we believe in the same God and the same view of knowledge!  Who else can say that!

The Hot Button Issue; Why Do the White Women Prefer the Black Men? Friday, Jun 22 2012 

Ezek 23: 18 She uncovered her harlotries and uncovered her nakedness; then I became disgusted with her, as I had become disgusted with her sister. 19 Yet she multiplied her harlotries, remembering the days of her youth, when she played the harlot in the land of Egypt. 20 She lusted after their paramours, whose flesh is like the flesh of donkeys and whose issue is like the issue of horses. 21 Thus you longed for the lewdness of your youth, when the Egyptians handled your bosom because of the breasts of your youth.

Here, our Prophet describes an apostate society and the inevitable consequence that ripples through the society. When men stop being men the women look elsewhere and in our culture have become rapacious whores. The unimaginable issue is that our culture is so debauched that fornication is the  norm whereby penis size and sexual performance completely dominate the mind of women here.  The blame for the complete decline of Anglo White Civilization resides squarely on the head of White Men in what was a Protestant Religious Society. We as a social class are no longer men. We have been de-Humanized and De-Masculinized in the Jesuit’s Socialized system.  The first step was our cowardice and ignorance in accepting Thomas Jefferson’s Pluralism. Like a wet noodle we just sat there as that wicked Illuminist robbed us of Christian Civilization. Second, we were the willful victims of Women’s Suffrage which altogether destroyed the roles between men and women. We are no longer men. We are children that spend the most powerful mental faculties in existence on video games and fantasy football leagues. And finally our identity was taken from us with Integration. We can no longer have an ethnic identity (Integration). We can no longer have a sexual identity (Women’s Suffrage). We can no longer have a religious identity (Jeffersonian Pluralism). We no longer have a artistic identity (The Mulattoizing of White Culture Via Integration and Elvis Presley). We don’t know who we are or what to do with our lives. We are a lost and bitter tribe. Though the penis size issue has been completely overblown, it does serve as a spiritual analogy: we white men in the 21st century Western World are like shriveled up wet noodles. We believe nothing, we know nothing, we stand up for nothing but the deconstruction of our obligations to men and God. We do not have it in us to be savages. That is generally not a part of the line of Japheth. But the black man does have that in him and he is exemplifying something that all women are attracted to: masculinity. That is not only a physical trait. It is an attitude. It is gone from our culture because the world has judged us too dangerous to be masculine white men so they have shackled us with dozens of legislative chains. All these chains are bound together by one primary lock: Pluralism. From this idea has sprung all the rest of our problems. It should be the first to go.  I won’t deny that the women have a large liability in this business as well. Over 90 percent of White Western Women are flat out whores; but  attitude reflects leadership.

Who Built Egypt?; Case Studies in Black African Societal Impotence Friday, Jun 22 2012 

In a speech (1:08-2:40) by Khalid Abdul Muhammad, sometimes known as the “Kill the White Man Speech”, Muhammad basically admits that wherever he has traveled in the world, in whatever system of economics, religion, or politics, where the white-black dynamic exists, white men are always in superior positions while the Africans are in subordination. This issue is at the heart of our little mess we have here in America. Are there real de jure divisions in Human Society or are these distinctions corruptions that need to be eliminated through Integration and Socialism? So here is a very intriguing topic: have the African peoples ever achieved an advanced civilization? If the answer to this question is a negative, this will give very strong, if not insurmountable evidence that there are real de jure distinctions between the races and posit a clear subordinate status to the African peoples. Now the Civilization that African people will appeal to right away is Egypt. Was Egypt built by black Africans? In White Supremacy and Negro Subordination by John H. Van Evrie (1867), pg. 64-67 we read,

“And finally, there is another grand cycle in human destiny, which, beginning with the restoration of learning, comes down to and includes our own times. In regard to the first, we actually know little of it, for, leaving out of view the Sacred Scriptures, we have only a few imperfect glimpses of the actual life of the countless millions that preceded the historic period. What little knowledge we have depends on tradition and mythology, sometimes, perhaps, true enough, but the greater portion transmitted to our times we know is false, because conditions are assumed that are in contradiction with the laws that govern our animal being. If the race, however, was created in Asia, we know that portions of it migrated to Africa, at a very remote period; indeed, leaving the Bible out of view, the first knowledge we have of its existence, or the earliest traces of its existence, is in Africa. Caucasian tribes or communities entered the valley of the Nile possibly before the delta of the lower country was sufficiently hardened to admit of cultivation, as they evidently occupied localities considerably removed from the outlet of that great river. These early adventurers conquered the aboriginal population, subjected them to their control, compelled them to labor for them, built magnificent cities, temples, palaces, founded a mighty Empire and advanced, to a certain extent, in civilization. But wealth and luxury, with their effeminate consequences, probably, too, injustice and crime in the rulers, and certainly, and worst of all, interunion and affiliation with the conquered races, tempted purer and hardier branches of the race to invade them, and indeed the delicious climate and fertile soil must have always tempted Caucasian tribes into the Valley of the Nile, from the earliest periods, and whenever they felt themselves strong enough to attack the existing community. Of course we can only deal in conjecture in regard to this matter, but it is probable that numerous invasions took place, each passing through much the same course as its predecessors. First came conquest, then the erection of a mighty Empire, followed by a grand civilization; then came effeminacy, affiliation with the subject races, debauchment and debility inviting a new conquest by pure Caucasians, and they, in their turn, going through the same round of glory and decay, of conquest and degradation. Such seems to have been the condition ofEgypt when the Romans invaded it, and made it a province of that great Empire. The effete remains of these Egyptian populations afterward, became known to the Roman writers, and, to a certain extent, may be said still to exist. The great Asiatic empires were doubtless similar to the Egyptian, except in respect to the debauchment of blood. The Assyrians, Persians, Chaldeans, Babylonians, Hebrews, etc., each in their turn, were conquerors and conquered, masters and slaves, but their downfall, in one essential respect, differed widely from those ofAfrica. They were pure, unmixed Caucasians, for it that time the Mongol element was unknown in that portion ofAsia, and the Negro, except a few household servants, never existed on that continent. The Mongolian race was first known about five hundred years anterior to the Christian Era, and whether originally it existed in a more northern region, or had not reached a full development as regards numbers, can not be known, on account of our limited knowledge of the earth at that time. The old Caucasian populations ofAsia knew nothing of it, and had no admixture of Mongolic blood. But all is conjecture, mystery, doubt and uncertainty, in regard to these ancient and extinct Empires. We know that they existed—that they were white men—beings like ourselves —our own ancestors, with the same wants, the same instincts, in short, the same nature that we have, and therefore, in the main, acted, as we do now. Of course we call them heathens, pagans, savages, barbarians, etc., but were they thus?

In the modern times there are no white barbarians or heathens. In all modern history, wherever found, white men are much the same; why, then, should it not have been so always? The fanatic Jew called all others gentiles, savages; the supercilious Greek called even their Roman conquerors barbarians; even the manly and liberal Roman did not rise above this foolish bigotry, and not only called the Gauls, Britons, Germans, etc., barbarians, but reduced them to slavery, as if they were inferior beings. We witness the same ignorance and folly in our own enlightened times. The Englishman believes that the English are alone truly Christian and civilized; the French man honestly believes that La Belle France is at the head of modern civilization; even the advanced and liberal American Democrat thinks, and perhaps correctly, that the Americans alone are truly civilized; while some among us would exclude all from the privilege of citizenship who happen to be born elsewhere, as rigidly as the Jew did the uncircumcised Gentile or the Moslem the dog of a Christian. Is not this notion of “outside barbarians,” therefore, the result of ignorance, or foolish egotism, without sense or reason? Some nations or communities were doubtless advanced more than others in ancient times, as at present, but in the main the race must have approximated to the same common standard we witness now. If it is said that in early times the obstacles in the way of frequent intercourse prevented this general approximation to a common standard of enlightenment, it may be replied that the same obstacles would also prevent a wide departure, and when we know that they had the same wants, the same instincts, the same tendencies, etc., the conclusion seems unavoidable that no nation or community could at any time in history assume, with any justice, that others were barbarians, or that they alone were civilized. The traditions and imperfect knowledge which we have hitherto possessed in respect to these long-buried populations, may, perhaps, be replaced by that which is almost or quite as reliable as written history itself. Within a few years past a class of men have sprung up who, excavating the dead remains of long forgotten empires, promise revelations that will bring us face to face with the buried generations that we now only know through the dim perspective of uncertain tradition. Champolion, Belzoni, Rawlinson Layard and their companions have already made discoveries in Egypt and Nineveh that open to our minds much of the social condition and daily life of those remote times, and future explorations, it is probable, will give us nearly as accurate a knowledge as we have of those embraced within the cycle of authentic history.”

Is this simply the ravings of a mad 19th century racist scholar trying to exploit the black man in his typical European Imperialism? I don’t think so. In History of Egypt, Chaldea, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria Volume 1 by Maspero and Sayce (1903) pages 56-57  we read the same history of Egypt,

“The district beyond Gebel Silsileh, the province of Konusit, was still a foreign and almost mythic country, directly connected with heaven by means of the cataract. Long after the Egyptians had broken through this restricted circle, the names of those places which had as it were marked out their frontiers, continued to be associated in their minds with the idea of the four cardinal points. Baklm and Manu were still the most frequent expressions for the extreme East and West. Nekhabit and Buto, the most populous towns in the neighborhoods of Gebel Silsileh and the ponds of the Delta, were set over against each other to designate South and North. It was within these narrow limits that Egyptian civilization struck root and ripened, as in a closed vessel. What were the people by whom it was developed, the country whence they came, the races to which they belonged, is today unknown. The majority would place their cradle-land in Asia, but  cannot agree in determining the route which was followed in the emigration to Africa. Some think that the people took the shortest road across the Isthmus of Suez, others give them longer peregrinations and a more complicated itinerary. They would have them cross the Straits of Babel-Mandeb, and then the Abyssinian mountains, and, spreading northward and keeping along the Nile, finally settle in the Egypt of today. A more minute examination compels us to recognize that the hypothesis of an Asiatic origin, however attractive it may seem, is somewhat difficult to maintain. The bulk of the Egyptian population presents the characteristics of those white races which have been found established from all antiquity on the Mediterranean slope of the Libyan continent ; this population is of African origin, and came to Egypt from the West or South- West. In the valley,perhaps, it may have met with a black race which it drove back or destroyed ; and there, perhaps, too, it afterwards received an accretion of Asiatic elements, introduced by way of the isthmus and the marshes of the Delta. But whatever may be the origin of the ancestors of the Egyptians, they were scarcely settled upon the banks of the Nile before the country conquered, and assimilated them to itself, as it has never ceased to do in the case of strangers who have occupied it. At the time when their history begins for us, all the inhabitants had long formed but one people, with but one language.

 This language seems to be connected with the Semitic tongues by many of its roots. It forms its personal pronouns, whether isolated or suffixed, in a similar way. One of the tenses of the conjugation, and that the simplest and most archaic, is formed with identical affixes. Without insisting upon resemblances which are open to doubt, it may be almost affirmed that most of the grammatical  processes used in Semitic languages are to be found in a rudimentary condition in Egyptian. One would say that the language of the people of Egypt and the languages of the Semitic races, having once belonged to the same group, had separated very early, at a time when the vocabulary and the grammatical system of the group had not as yet taken definite shape. Subject to different influences, the two families would treat in diverse fashion the elements common to both.”

Arthur Kemp Has also wrote a recent piece demonstrating the Japhethite roots of the Egyptian Empire: Children of Ra.[1]

So we see that Egypt, was originally built up by a mix of White Japhetic and Semitic peoples who enslaved the black natives of Africa to build that great Civilization and those great wonders in the 4th Egyptian Dynasty.

Now I am not defending the actions of all white men. Some white men are very evil and as a matter of fact I believe that the MOST evil men in the world are white. However, this phenomenon we see, and Black activists like Muhammad admit to, are direct results and decrees from a divine curse that has been put upon the black peoples from their Father Ham’s wicked sin against his Father Noah in Genesis 9:21-25.  The truth hurts sometimes and it is past time that our society faced the music. Integration was a huge mistake and has wounded both cultures fatally. The only solution is to re-establish Protestant Theocracy (White Protestant culture has been the best friend the African has ever known), the creation of a homeland nation in North America for the Black people, and some kind of league or treaty drawn up between our nations that we White Protestant men would see to it that the Christians in our neighboring Black Nation be protected and supplied with whatever help we can provide them.

As a postscript I would inform the reader that Anti-White Scholars such as J.H. Clarke argue that Egyptian religion is the foundation of Christianity. Chris White has answered this in a number of works. I suggest  The “Real” Zeitgeist Challenge Debunked for starters.

The 20th Century Creation of the American Thug Life Savage Black Man Friday, Jun 22 2012 

Emanuel Josephson said in 1968that the Jesuit plan for our country concerning the Africans is to, “use the Negro to destroy our Republic by inciting  them to savagery to effect a complete breakdown of law and order that will serve  as a perfect pretext for establishing a dictatorship under themselves that will be welcomed by a terrified nation.” The “Federal” Reserve Conspiracy and Rockefellers, Emanuel M. Josephson, (New York: Chedney Press, 1968)

EJP said in hisWorld’s Strangest Architectures: Not One in Africa!,  “Could it be that the over 40 trillion dollars given to American Blacks over the last 50 years is SECRETLY INTENDED to bankrupt and destroy the White Middle Class peoples of America? Under the mask of “Social Justice,” are not the Jesuits in fact destroying White Middle Class Americans while “helping” the “underprivileged” Blacks?  Could it be that the Order is pursuing a secret policy of destroying White Protestant cultures—the most advanced cultures in world history—under the guise of openly promoting the advancement of resident Blacks—via monetary handouts—in the end rendering both peoples subject to Jesuit-fascist martial law?”

As I already showed in an earlier article, record companies in the 1950s were deliberately looking for a way to integrate black culture into white culture through music. Ed Sullivan introduced Elvis on TV which drove the white American girls crazy. Elvis successfully Africanized White culture and paved the way for the new mulatto culture in America. However, the black community was still trying to maintain their identities and preserve their black communities. This had to change in order to destroy the White Anglo Protestant Culture; enter Integration: the destruction of African American culture, a precondition to the destruction of the White Anglo Protestant Culture. EJP already showed here, the Integrationist Black Civil Rights movement was under the control of the Jesuits (Lafarge) and had in its view the de-civilization of African communities and the creation of the new Thug Life Savage Black Man. With the Government’s suppression of the Black Panther Party (The Last Hope of Nationalist Africans; The Panthers were to be demonized because their cause was against the will of the Jesuits and that is why they were wiped out.) the creation of the gang war culture within black communities was in process. First, as Dr. John Henrick Clarke and other Black scholars have pointed out, Integration destroyed the black communities because the educated and wealthy black people left the black communities to live in white communities. Integration has systematically robbed the black community of its best members. Second,  0the creation of the Bloods and the Crips (See 2008 Documentary Crips and Bloods: Made in America; Simply black versions of the Masonic lodge; their hand symbols and ceremonies are indistinguishable) slid right off the back of the Panthers’ downfall.

The Jesuit controlled FBI and the CIA (See my A Dynasty of Intrigue pages 47-52) could now destroy the black communities by feeding the sellout leaders of these gangs guns and drugs.  In the 1990s Gary Webb’s work, Dark Alliance which was a series of articles written for the San Jose Mercury News and later published as a book, shocked the world; see here and here. He showed how our government oversaw the trafficking of guns and drugs into our country through California to fund foreign wars. The drugs were sold by the street gangs that they were in league with which began the crack epidemic in the black community. This became known as the Iran Contra Affair which our military and our former President Ronald Reagan admitted to; see hereFormer LA Police Officer, Mike Ruppert confronted the then CIA director John Deutch concerning Drug trafficking which you can read of here and here.

Through the development of this gang war, cracked out and fragmented new black culture, came Hip Hop and Gangster Rap. Most of the East Coast Hip Hop is written by men in the Nation of Islam or its offspring the 5 Percenters (Both highly anti-white movements) and has a high emphasis on intellect and lyrics to engage the mind. Most of the West Coast Rap is overtly gangster and it emphasizes and glorifies a violent life of crime. Its listeners will end up in jail where they will be converted into the Nation of Islam or the 5 Percenters.  The vast majority of the black rap stars today are either in the Nation of Islam or the 5 Percenters. This is all in preparation for the coming race war. One of the primary philosophers of the Black Rappers is the late Khalid Abdul Muhammad, famous for his “Kill the White Man” speech. He advocated complete genocide of white people. He was supported by Rap Artists such as Public Enemy (“Night of the Living Baseheads“)  Ice Cube (“Death“, “The Birth“, “Cave Bitch,”), MC Ren (“Muhammad Speaks“) and Tupac Shakur (“White Man’s World” around 3:00ish and at the end).

White Protestant man; these black rappers hate you and your culture is the one that freed them from the slave trade that our old European Catholic Enemies imposed upon them and us, and they want to kill us?!  Don’t support them and don’t listen to their evil music. These men are specifically born and bred to destroy your blood and its culture. All we have to do is disenchant the white people away from this stuff and these men will no longer have a platform or the funds to produce their music.

The only reason why the FBI and the CIA has been so successful in destroying the Black community is because of the traitors among their own people, so I don’t want to hear some sob story about the poor oppressed black man.  Regarding inter-race crime, almost 90 percent are committed by black people against white people and blacks commit more crime against whites than blacks commit against blacks (See here and here) so I also don’t want to hear the sob stories about black on black crime.

Remember, I am not the hateful racist. The mulattoized white person who has conscientiously rejected the culture of his ancestors to knowingly take a culture that desires, yeah HAS OPENLY PROFESSED THE DESIRE (!) to destroy his own people is the hateful racist. I want American black people to live like Africans in their own home-land here in North America. I want white Anglo people to live the Elizabethean Golden Age, the highest civilization known to the word  as of yet, in THEIR own home-land. I want to preserve the Nationalities and Ethnicities. The American Mulatto and their Thug Life Savage Black Masters want to destroy the Nationalities and Ethnicities. Hell, they want to destroy any remnants left of Civilization.

RE: Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Origin and Impact of Racism Wednesday, Jun 20 2012 

This Is the Sun?: Zeitgeist and Religion (Volume I: Comparative Religion)
By Albert McIlhenny;jsessionid=5CC8622A1C8BECD351FB54040074F83B

Cornell West-John henrik Clarke Dialogue

The Origin of the Term “White Devil”; The Jesuit Roots of Anti-White Racism Monday, Jun 18 2012 

Elijah Muhammad, the mentor of Malcom X, was the founder of the Black Muslim movement in America. He was the man who made famous the phrase “White Devil”, or “White Blue-Eyed Devil”. Where did he get this idea? In The Footprints of the Jesuits by R.W. Thompson we read on page 186 of the Jesuit Reductions and their treatment of the Natives of Paraguay,

After alleging that the power of the Jesuits had so increased as to render it evident that there must be war between them and the Government in Paraguay, it [A statement of grievances by the Portuguese Government-DS] proceeds to affirm “that they were laboring sedulously to undermine the good understanding existing between the Governments of Portugal and Spain,” and that “their machinations were carried on from the Plata to the Rio Grande.” It then embodies in a few expressive words, as given by the Jesuit Weld, these serious charges:

“That they had under them thirty-one great populations, producing immense riches to the society, while the people themselves were kept in the most miserable slavery; that no Spaniard or Portuguese, were he even governor or bishop, was ever admitted into the Reductions; that, ‘with strange deceit,’ the Spanish language was absolutely forbidden; that the Indians were trained to an unlimited, blind obedience, kept in the most ‘extraordinary ignorance,’ and the most unsufferable slavery ever known, and under a complete despotism as to body and soul; that they did not know there was any other sovereign in the world than the fathers, and knew nothing of the king, or any other law than the will of the ‘holy fathers;’ that the Indians were taught that white laymen adored gold, had a devil in their bodies, were the enemies of the Indians, and of the images which they adored; that they would destroy their altars, and offer sacrifices of their women and infants; and they were consequently taught to kill white men wherever they could find them, and to be careful to cut off their heads, lest they should come to life again.”

Remember that Elijah Muhammed was a Freemason, he even wrote a book about it, and Freemasonry, or the Templar System [An Old Roman Catholic Crusader Cult] was created by the Jesuits between 1735-1740 in the Jesuit College of Clermont, in Paris. [Isis Unveiled by H. P. Blavatsky , Vol. 2, Page 381]



The Destruction of White Protestant Culture Through the Sensualistic African Music Culture Monday, Jun 18 2012 

The current culture that we live in is the culmination of many years of cultural revolutions. When the Africans were kidnapped and dumped here in  THESE United States, they brought with them a culture. This culture emphasizes the sexual and sensual impulses of human nature MORE than other races. Beginning with Ham’s sexual sin against his Father in Gen 9:22, the African peoples have always been the most obsessed with sensuality and  sex.  This is not to say that we Anglos have not had our sexual deviants. We have. But they had to do it on the sly. Anglo nations, as nations have publicly forbiden such licentious behaviour.  Not the Africans. Any National Geographic Documetary of African tribes can be referenced to see the complete disregard for modesty and temperance in the dance and dress of these people. The women in commonplace walk about with hardly any clothes on and their dances traditionally include the traditional rhythmic gyrating movements that we see on TV and dance clubs now all over America. In the book of Romans Chapter 1, Paul’s first description of a reprobated society is: 24 Therefore God gave them over in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, so that their bodies would be dishonored among them.

It is commonplace among the ancient Africans and many Primitive-savage tribes to see people scarring, painting and piercing their bodies. Today, the white Anglo young men can’t get enough piercings and tattoes as they dive head first from the Highest Civilization ever to exist to pagan savagery. BUT THIS IS ALL BY DESIGN! Early in the 20th Century, German Rationalism, which was nothing short of a Jesuit Inspired attack on the innerrancy of Scripture, de-christianized the German people in preparation for Nazi Facism. These people had to be de-civilized before they could be turned into mudering savages. That is EXACTLY what is going on here in America. We have been in the process of de-civilization for the prupose of using this country as an Imperialistic weapon of war to do the Jesuits bidding across the planet and to one day in the near future accept our Fascist Dictator.

The Black Civil Rights Movement was Jesuit inspired as EJP has shown here. This movement was a dagger in the heart of White Anglo Protestant Culture as was the coming music revolution. During this time the White Anglo Culture recieved its death blow from a good looking mulatto-ized young white man named Elvis Presley. From here White Anglo Culture is Africanized through the long line of African Blues and Jazz singers who become Incarnated in the musical career of Elvis.  Here are two videos explaining the history of Elvis and the clear Africanization of White Anglo culture in the 50s:

And who can forget Sam Phillips, the man who launched Elvis Presley’s Career who said, “If I could find a white boy who could sing like a nigger, I could make a million dollars.” (Cultural Studies: Journal Issue 3 by Lawrence Grossberg and Janice Radway pg. 464)

Did the First Humans Come Out of Africa? I Deny! Sunday, Jun 17 2012 

It is a current piece of American propaganda from the Jesuit Controlled Educational and State Institutions of the West that are bent on the destruction of the White Protestant culture of THESE United States,  that humans have their origin and source of evolution in Africa. This is a complete contradiction to the Anthropology of Western Scholars and even ancient Scholars for centuries before the rise of Secularism and the Jesuit inspired Anti-White Anglo Protestant Black Civil Rights movement of the 20th century. Here we see the connection between Secularism, the Black Civil Rights movement and Rome’s Counter-Reformation.  It is the agenda of Rome to Africanize the White Anglo Protestant Culture and de-Bible-size them in preparation for a race war.

This was the traditional story of human history taught for centuries before the Propaganda:

From Ridpath’s Universal History Volume 2:

“I. The Biblical Ethnology. — In the  tenth chapter of Genesis we have an account of the departures and migrations of primitive mankind. The narrative begins with the descendants of Noah, he survivors of a deluge. His three sons become the progenitors of the three dominant races which go forth to people the world. The progenies of Shem,

Ham, and Japheth, according to their families and tribes, are dispersed in the various countries of Western Asia, Northern Africa, andEastern Europe.

In general, this account assigns to Shem and his family the Elamites, the Assyrians, “Arphaxad and Lud and Aram.” According to this scheme Eber is the grandson or descendant of Arphaxad, from which we are able to see emerging dimly at least three historical peoples — the Elamites, the Assyrians, and the Hebrews. Among the sons of Ham are mentioned Cush, and Mizraim, and Phut, and Canaan, with their respective descendants. To Cushis assigned Nimrod and his historical progeny. Mizraim is doubtless the original tribal name of the Egyptians, while Canaan, whose sons are

Sidon and Heth, is clearly the ancestor of the Canaanitish races of subsequent times.

The generations of Japheth are said to be Gomer and Magog and Madai  and Javan and Tubal and Meshech and Tiras. To each of these is given a familyof sons and descendants, and they are said to have distributed themselves among the “isles of the gentiles”, “everyone after his tongue, after their families, in their nations.” In the case of Japheth, also, we are able to detect the historical beginning of nations, especially in the case of his son Madai, who is thought to have given his name to the ancient Medes. [So the Medo-Persian Empire was part White part Shemite-NOT BLACK LIKE THE MOVIE 300 DEPICTS] Besides what is here presented in outline, a place must be left in the ethnic scheme for the direct descendants of Noah, who is said to have  lived for more than a century after the Deluge, and to have begotten sons and daughters.

Such, in a word, is the biblical scheme which the first ethnologists of modem Europeemployed to account for the dispersion of the human race in the earth. It gives a fairly adequate outline of the peopling of Western and Southwestern Asia and of the countries around the eastern parts of the Mediterranean. We may even allow for the dissemination of the descendants of Noah eastward from Armenia, [NOTAFRICA] and thus cover a still wider area of the habitable globe. A summary, then, of the biblical schedule of the primitive peoples will give the following results :

1. Japhethites with seven tribal divisions, migratory in habit, journeying to the west, and peopling the gentile lands beyond the limits of Asia.

2. Hamites with four family, or tribal, divisions, three of which, at any rate, may be located, respectively, inCush and Canaan and Egypt.

3. Semites with five tribal branches, of which the Assyrians, the Elamites, the people of ancient Aram, called Aramaeans, and the Hebrews, became, in their respective countries, the leading representatives.

4. Noachites proper of the divisions of which the biblical narrative has given usno outline, but concerning which a rational inference of eastern migration may be drawn.

The account in Genesis indicates clearly a disposition of the Noachite families to part company and disperse into various regions. The differentiation of tribes is clearly announced as the fundamental fact in the first epoch after the traditional destruction of the Old Worldby water. There is thus a certain conformity in the account given in Genesis to the actual facts which we discover on the furtherest horizon of the primeval world. The jostling and division of tribes under the impulse of the migratory instinct is a fact which presents itself with equal clearness to the historian, the ethnologist, and the antiquary; and the correspondence of the primitive Hebrew narrative with this manifest tendency among the primeval families of men gives force and credibility and corroboration to both branches of the inquiry.” (pg. 413-414)

Now Ridpath was a Darwinian (Social Darwinist at that) Scholar, so I don’t want to hear about how this historical account is some biased desert-prophet conspiracy.

As a post script I would like to say that I believe that God sovereignly caused Shem, Ham and Japeth to be born with their distinct race’s characteristics. These traits did not come about through climate change or evolution. Just as God sovereignly caused the peoples of Genesis 11 to speak different languages he caused these racial traits between Shem, Ham and Japeth. Also, the Bible says that after the flood (Gen 10:1) the earth was divided in the days of Peleg (Gen 10:25). Critics of the Bible like to complain that the story of Noah’s Ark could not be true because many animals had no land bridge or possible way to get to Noah’s Ark from different continents. The issue is, the land was connected before the Flood (There were no separate continents) but after the Flood the Earth was divided. There would have been no vast oceans to cross between lands in the days before the flood.

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