Yankee Abolitionist Red-Republican Chickens Coming Home to Roost with Gay Rights Friday, Feb 28 2014 

The Yankee Abolitionists forced Abolition on us, forced Racial Integration on us, and now Yahowah is forcing homosexuality on them. Yankees getting exactly what they deserve. Oh how I love it!

The Industrial Revolution; an Ugly Civilization Part 1 Monday, Aug 5 2013 


The Failure of American Religion Friday, May 24 2013 


The Lies of the Jefferson County Public Schools Concerning the Antebellum South Thursday, May 2 2013 

Yankee Capitalism’s Darwinian Roots Monday, Apr 29 2013 


Black Mob Violence In Chicago; NUTS! Wednesday, Apr 17 2013 

The Yankee abolition philosophy which rose out of the Semi-Pelagianism of the “Second Great Awakening” and perfected in the Uncivil Rights Era is fully developed in Chicago. The Blacks are utterly Savage and all hell is breaking loose.



Still think Drake is a conspiracy theorist? This will continue to happen and when it it comes full blossom, those of us who have been exposing it will be considered heroes to our white peers. Ignore all the desperate personal attacks of the white libtards my white racialist brother. In a short time, we shall be considered the Orthodox and they the heretics.



Dabney on the Death of Agriculturalism and the Rise of the Yankee Industrialist Sin Cities Thursday, Apr 11 2013 

In Dabney’s THE DEPRESSION OF AMERICAN FARMING INTERESTS he describes the ongoing shift of his country from an Agricultural culture to the Yankee City life.  As always he draws the connections between Sociology and Economics.

Dabney points out that abolition impoverished the South and  forbid the Southern Blacks to have gainful employment available to them. The Yankee propaganda promised the blacks that free labor was better for them.  It turned out to be the exact opposite. On page 331-332 Dabney points out,

The census returns of that government testify that up to 1860 the Southern labor system had been most fruitful and most productive of public and private wealth of any labor system in the country. In 1860 the South, with a little more than 12,000,000 of souls, possessed taxable values to the amount of $6,760,000,000. In 1880, while the souls were 17,000,000, the taxable values amounted in round numbers to $3,250,000,000. That this immense collapse of wealth had not been the work chiefly of war is proved by the testimony of the government, whose census in 1870 found the Southern people still possessed of taxable values to the amount of about $4,780,000,000. The Southern labor system had been destroyed, and with it this fruitful fountain of national wealth was dried up to flow no more.

The affect on the morals of the people and their vitality was also greatly affected. Dabney pointed our how revolutions always begin in the big cities. For this and other reasons Jefferson stated, “great cities are but great ulcers upon the body politic.” Moreover, Dabney points out how the Yankee Sin City also is a festering pool of Monopolies,

“Now most Americans are not willing to let the equitable law of supply and demand regulate their gains, hence nearly every industry except the farmers is now organized into artificial monopolies. The prices of nearly all of the services of mechanical, manufacturing and mining labor are manipulated by the Knights of Labor and other labor unions.”

Because of the monopolies that come along with the greediness of Yankee Capitalist individualism, and the monopolies created by Unions reacting against them,

“the farming interests has to accept, for the immense mass of values it creates, less than the natural law of supply and demand would apportion them.” 334

Dabney sees free trade as a cure to many unjust monopolies created by the tariff,

“I refer chiefly to the so-called protective system of the United States, which is the prime source of the worst evils now crushing the farming interests in America. I have explained how the various rings and trusts operate to filch away the farmer’s earnings without giving him any just equivalent. It is the tariff which provides the conditions of success for all these monopolies. As long as these fatal conditions subsist it is not probable that the oppressed classes will find any remedy. American ingenuity will always invent ways to evade the operation of the principles of the common law against forestalling and regrating, [Supply and demand-DS] and any statutes passed by the States and by Congress, in a country burdened with such an administration of justice as ours. The resort to free trade would of itself abolish the conditions requisite to the success of these iniquities so that they would perish of themselves… Let Congress only pass, in one line, the righteous statute removing all tariffs upon school books, and this gigantic fraud would be checkmated at once. The best and cheapest printers in the world, in Leipsig, Halle, Brussels, Edinburg, would in a few weeks place in our seaports ship loads of American school books, printed in our own language, with perfect accuracy, at half the price of the monopolies.

Every one understands that when the government levies tariff imposts upon imported goods, the final consumer of those goods inevitably pays both the value of those goods, with reasonable commercial profits thereon, and the tariff tax in addition, increased by parallel charges of profits and commissions upon it also.” 335-336

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