1. Eschatology- I am Post-Mil Historicist. He was Pre-Mil.

2. Worship- I am Puritanic in my views of worship following the Westminster Directory.

3. Civil Resistance- I hold to the Political Theories of Samuel Rutherford he laid out in Lex Rex and Free Disputation among other places.

4. Common Grace- I do not believe that grace is alien to nature upon pain of Pelagianism, so I believe in common grace following Rutherford and Turretin.

5. The Free Offer- I believe in the Free Offer as explained by Rutherford and Turretin. This falls back on man’s agency in the universe. I do not believe in an utter Monergism in the Universe but in regeneration only. Man has activity required of him and the opponents of the Free Offer posit a complete passivity to humanity in the economia committing them to Monothelite Heresy.

6. Nominalism- Dr. Clark fell into Nominalism in his Hyper Calvinism where Goodness does not find its seat in God’s nature but is simply an ad extra decree of the will.

7. Responsibility- I believe that our activity is required to be held responsible for sin. Responsibility does not terminate with knowledge, though knowledge is a part of responsibility.

8. Permissive and Efficient will- Dr. Clark saw no distinction in these. I do

9. I believe that the Logos assumed to his person a generic humanity that included a mind. In so doing he hypostatized a generic human mind becoming the personality of it. The person of Christ is not a product of the union between human and divine. The divine person of the Logos is the same person before and after the union, therefore he is one person not two.