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Reply to Shanna Babilonia at Faithless Feminist Tuesday, Oct 27 2015 

Shanna Babilonia at faithlessfeminist.com, has recently written a blog entitled, Why Organized Religion Fears Educated Women:


First, Shanna, let’s stop with the encryptions ok? Religions don’t fear anything. People fear. And what people are we really talking about? White men who believe the Bible right? Ok, now we can continue….

“The loss of patriarchal control.”

Yeah because who deserves to rule but the least responsible and most pampered demographic in world history? Shanna, look around you on a daily basis when you’re out driving. The people who build your cars, pave your roads, build the buildings you leave and are headed to etc., are men. Civilization is built on the blood and broken bodies of men. So, yes, we hate when FEMINIST women try to claim control over a society they didn’t create, and do everything they can to destroy while all the time being pampered like the infant children they are.

“Conflicting influence over children and family life.”

Yeah because what is more critical than believing a photo-shopped image of a ball earth? I tell you, it does take 4 years in college to believe something like that solely on the authority of the professor who says it’s true.

“Depleting the ranks.”

Yeah because there’s no better genocide than white genocide! I’m so holy, not only do I not hate the black man, I hate my own people! See everyone, look at me, crown me, crown me!

“Furthermore, educated women are more likely to cultivate their own worldview,”

Translated, brainwashed women at the university are more likely to swallow hook line and  sinker everything their sugar daddy, the counter-reformation state, tells them.

“rather than simply following their traditional familiar teachings; and may contribute no followers to a religion when they do finally decide to start a family.”

Buddhism isn’t a religion?

“This is a problem for religion”

Buddhism isn’t a religion?

“For religion to perpetuate itself, it must have followers, or it ceases to exist.”

Something I’ve been telling white atheists for years now. That’s a two-edged sword sweetheart!

“The decline of poverty…Educating women improves the welfare of families as they become empowered to contribute to the financial success of their household”

Can I get some facts on that? How does putting our family in tens of thousands of dollars in debt to a state that came to power through the rape pillage and murder of our families improve our family’s welfare?

“lifestyle, this threatens religion because well-educated people are less likely to fall prey to religious dogma and persuasive religious propaganda.”

Dogma? You have staked your entire life on a photo shopped image and you are warry of dogma?


“The poor and undereducated represent a huge portion of religious followers.”

Baptist followers. The word is Baptist.

“ This is easily observable in countries where women are free to pursue education”

Indoctrination sweetheart. There is not a single law of science that doesn’t commit the fallacy of asserting the consequent. There is not a single proof the earth is a spinning ball. There is not a single proof that everyone is equal. You’re just telling yourself you’re educated to stroke your ego. It’s pretty sad.

“Conversely, the ill-effects of poverty are easily observed in countries where women are restricted from education, free-thought and financial resources beyond that of a male family member.”

So it’s better for your population to die off so that woman can stroke their ego at the workplace?! Brilliant! What’s better than poverty? Nonexistence! Genocide! Well hell I’m convinced now!

“Loss of financial contributions”

When women become educated and learn to think critically about religious concepts, it affects the ideas that develop in the minds of their children, and often their entire household. It enables their family to experience greater financial stability when their education affords them better opportunities to contribute to household expenses, which decreases poverty and empowers children to experience greater resources to succeed as well when they grow into their adult lives.”

>>>Household expenses? Oh, you think that women like these actually stay home and flourish in their marriage? Uh uh. You women destroy families. What ends up happening is that two households have to be funded, one on one side of town, another on the other.

Chronicles of Feminist Mythology: Did you know the modern male dog meme used to be reversed? Tuesday, Feb 17 2015 

Malleus Maleficarum Part 1

Question VI

Concerning Witches who copulate with Devils. Why is it that Women are chiefly addicted to Evil superstitions?


The Native American Genocide and the Fallacy of Division Wednesday, Feb 11 2015 

The Fallacy of Division:

Some white Americans killed Native Americans unprovoked therefore all Americans are guilty of Native American Genocide.

Opponents of the 2nd Amendment and the Fallacy of Composition Wednesday, Feb 11 2015 

Fallacy of composition:

The government has drones and nuclear warheads, therefore the purpose of the 2nd amendment is no longer relevant to today.

No sweetheart. Only a very few people in the military have access to nuclear warheads and drones.

Classic Southern Folk- Steel-Drivers- Try to ignore the Lincoln Song Tuesday, Feb 10 2015 

Jews Used for Jesuit Counter Reformation Tuesday, Feb 10 2015 

New York Magazine, David Samuels,

“Future historians will record that the Jews replaced the old Protestant elite, who had run the city off and on since the eighteenth century until their power was finally shattered by the cultural metamorphosis of 1968, followed by the financial collapse of 1974. John Lindsay, New York’s last Wasp mayor, presided over a city falling into bankruptcy and seemingly irreconcilable racial and class tensions. Academics and residents agreed that New York City was dead—a mid-century idea on which the clock had finally run out. Lindsay’s successor, Abe Beame, was the first Jewish mayor of a city where Jews would assume the leading positions of political, economic, and cultural power.”


Anti-Feminist Karen Straughan Humiliates Young Turk Cenk Uygur Friday, Feb 6 2015 

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