In The Last Will and Testament of Cecil John Rhodes, edited by W.T. Stead (1902) we read on  page 56, when Stead says,

“Mr. Rhodes was more than the founder of a dynasty. He aspired to be the creator of one of those vast semi-religious, quasi-political associations which, like the Society of Jesus, have played  so large a part in the history of the world. To be more strictly accurate, he wished to found an Order as the instrument of the will of the Dynasty, and while he lived he dreamed of being both its Caesar and its Loyola.”

Again Stead says on pages 62-63, and this is absolutely astonishing,

“All these wills were framed under the influence of the idea which dominated Mr. Rhodes’s imagination. He aimed at the foundation of a Society composed of men of strong convictions and of great wealth, which would do for the unity of the English-speaking race what the Society of Jesus did for the Catholic Church immediately after the Reformation.

The English-speaking race stood to Mr. Rhodes for all that the Catholic Church stood to Ignatius Loyola. Mr. Rhodes saw in the English-speaking race the greatest instrument yet evolved for the progress and elevation of mankind shattered by internal dissensions and reft in twain by the declaration of American Independence, just as the unity of the Church was destroyed by the Protestant Reformation. [Thus the Jesuits would mount Rhodes’ NWO which they inspired in him to begin with to re-assimilate the Holy Roman Empire-DS] Unlike Loyola, who saw that between Protestants and Catholics no union was possible, and who therefore devoted all his energies to enable the Catholics to extirpate their adversaries, Mr. Rhodes believed that it was possible to secure the reunion of the race. Loyola was an out-and-out Romanist. He took sides unhesitatingly with the Pope against the Reformers. The attitude of Mr. Rhodes was altogether different [But the solution was the same-DS]. He was devoted to the old flag, but in his ideas he was American, and in his later years he expressed to me his unhesitating readiness to accept the reunion of the race under the Stars and Stripes if it could not be obtained in any other way.”

Stead says again on pages 64-66,

“Mr. Rhodes’s political ideas were thus written out by him in one of the very few long letters which he ever wrote to anyone, just before his departure from Kimberley to Mashonaland in the autumn of 1891. The communication takes the shape of a resume of a long conversation which I had had with him just before he left London for the Cape. Despite a passage which suggests that I should sub-edit it and dress up his ideas, I think the public will prefer to have these rough, hurried, and sometimes ungrammatical notes exactly as Mr. Rhodes scrawled them off rather than to have them supplied with ” literary clothing ” by anyone else :

[Rhodes’ words-DS] Please remember the key of my idea discussed with you is a Society, copied from the Jesuits as to organisation, the practical solution a differential rate and a copy of the United States  Constitution, for that is Home Rule or Federation,

and an organisation to work this out, working in the House of Commons for decentralisation, remembering that an Assembly that is responsible for a fifth of the world has no time to discuss the questions raised by Dr. Tanner or the important matter of Mr. O’Brien’s breeches, and that the labour question is an important matter, but that deeper than the labour question is the question of the market for the products of labour, and that, as the local consumption (production) of England can only support about six millions, the balance depends on the trade of the world.

That the world with America in the forefront is devising tariffs to boycott your manufactures, and that this is the supreme question, for I believe that England with fair play should manufacture for the world, and, being a Free Trader, I believe until the world comes to its senses you should declare war I mean a commercial war with those who are trying to boycott your manufactures that is my programme. You might finish the war by union with America and universal peace, I mean after one hundred years, and a secret society organised like Loyola’s, supported by the accumulated wealth of those whose aspiration is a desire to do something, and a hideous annoyance created by the difficult question daily placed before their minds as to which of their incompetent relations they should leave their wealth to. You would furnish them with the solution, greatly relieving their minds and turning their ill-gotten or inherited gains to some advantage.

Mr. Stead, writing to his wife in 1889 says on pages 82-83,

“Mr. Rhodes is my man.

“I have just had three hours’ talk with him.

“He is full of a far more gorgeous idea in connection with the paper than even I have had. I cannot tell you his scheme, because it is too secret. But it involves millions. . . . He expects to own, before he dies, four or five millions, all of which he will leave to carry out the scheme of which the paper is an integral part. . . . His ideas are federation, expansion, and consolidation of the Empire.

” He is …. about thirty-five, full of ideas, and regarding money only as a means to work his ideas. He believes more in wealth and endowments than I do. He is not religious in the ordinary sense, but has a deeply religious conception of his duty to the world, and thinks he can best serve it by working for England. He took to me; told me things he has told to no other man, save X. … It seems all like a fairy dream.”

It is not very surprising that it had that appearance. Never before or since had I met a millionaire who calmly declared his intention to devote all his millions to carry out the ideas which I had devoted my life to propagate.

Mr. Rhodes was intensely sympathetic, and like most sympathetic people he would shut up like an oyster when he found that his ideas on ” deep things ” which were near to his heart moved listeners to cynicism or to sneers.

He was almost apologetic about his suggestion that his wealth might be useful. “Don’t despise money,” he said. “Your ideas are all right, but without money you can do nothing.” ” The twelve apostles did not find it so,” I said; and so the talk went on. He expounded to me his ideas about underpinning the Empire by a Society which would be to the Empire what the Society of Jesus was to the Papacy, and we talked on and on, upon very deep things indeed.”

You see the Jewish Bankers (Rhodes was Connected with the Rothchilds) are the tail and their true head is the Order of Loyola.  In the same work we read on page 49,

“After various private dispositions Mr. Rhodes in his original will left the residue of his real and personal estate to the Earl of Rosebery, Earl Grey, Alfred Beit, William Thomas Stead, Lewis Lloyd Michell and Bourchier Francis Hawksley absolutely as joint tenants.

The same persons were also appointed executors and trustees.

In a Codicil dated January, 1901, Mr. Rhodes directed that the name of W. T. Stead should be removed from the list of his executors.

In a second Codicil dated October, 1901, Mr. Rhodes added the name of Lord Milner to the list of joint tenants, executors and trustees.”

So we see that Lord Milner was an executor and trustee of Cecil Rhodes as his connection to Rhodes came through his office as Colonial administrator in the South African Cape Colony. Milner’s secretary was a man named Lionel George Curtis. Curtis began the Roundtable Movement and wrote the book The Commonwealth of Nations (1916). Then he founded the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London following a meeting in Paris (Paris Peace Conference, 1919), June 1920. Under Woodrow Wilson, Edward Mandell House attended that same meeting in Paris and upon returning to America, established the Council on Foreign Relations which is the sister organization to the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The international organization that this conference formed was termed the League of Nations. After WWII this League was replaced by the United Nations. The CFR’s membership includes most of the major talking heads of our Media. Our educational institutions are dominated by the UN through UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and the International Bureau of Education. In our country, the CFR’s job is to conform the common man into a coadjutant for the purposes of the UN and UNESCO and International Bureau of Education’s job is to do the same thing on a higher level with the more educated classes of the world. From the US Department of Education’s Website,

“The United States joined UNESCO at its founding but later withdrew in 1984 because of a growing disparity between U.S. foreign policy and UNESCO goals. After an almost twenty-year absence from the organization, the United States rejoined the organization in October 2003 at the initiative of President Bush”.

You see, what is going on in South Africa is connected to the entire plot of the UN-CFR-NWO. Maybe that is why our Media refuses to expose the Genocide in South Africa; because they have the same agenda for our country.

Now, an inquiring mind might want to know what the connection is, between the downfall of all Governments being dissolved into the UN-CFR-NWO and the Jesuit Counter Reformation? Calvin’s Institutes (1559 A.D.), Prefatory Address,








Sire,—When I first engaged in this work, nothing was farther from my thoughts than to write what should afterwards be presented to your Majesty. My intention was only to furnish a kind of rudiments, by which those who feel some interest in religion might be trained to true godliness. And I toiled at the task chiefly for the sake of my countrymen the French, multitudes of whom I perceived to be hungering and thirsting after Christ, while very few seemed to have been duly imbued with even a slender knowledge of him. That this was the object which I had in view is apparent from the work itself, which is written in a simple and elementary form adapted for instruction.

But when I perceived that the fury of certain bad men had risen to such a height in your realm, that there was no place in it for sound doctrine, I thought it might be of service if I were in the same work both to give instruction to my countrymen, and also lay before your Majesty a Confession, from which you may learn what the doctrine is that so inflames the rage of those madmen who are this day, with fire and sword, troubling your kingdom. For I fear not to declare, that what I have here given may be regarded as a summary of the very doctrine which, they vociferate, ought to be punished with confiscation, exile, imprisonment, and flames, as well as exterminated by land and sea.

I am aware, indeed, how, in order to render our cause as hateful to your Majesty as possible, they have filled your ears and mind with atrocious insinuations; but you will be pleased, of your clemency, to reflect, that neither in word nor deed could there be any innocence, were it sufficient merely to accuse. When any one, with the view of exciting prejudice, observes that this doctrine, of which I am endeavouring to give your Majesty an account, has been condemned by the suffrages of all the estates, and was long ago stabbed again and again by partial sentences of courts of law, he undoubtedly says nothing more than that it has sometimes been violently oppressed by the power and faction of adversaries, and sometimes fraudulently and insidiously overwhelmed by lies, cavils, and calumny. While a cause is unheard, it is violence to pass sanguinary sentences against it; it is fraud to charge it, contrary to its deserts, with sedition and mischief.

That no one may suppose we are unjust in thus complaining, you yourself, most illustrious Sovereign, can bear us witness with what lying calumnies it is daily traduced in your presence, as aiming at nothing else than to wrest the sceptres of kings out of their hands, to overturn all tribunals and seats of justice, to subvert all order and government, to disturb the peace and quiet of society, to abolish all laws, destroy the distinctions of rank and property, and, in short, turn all things upside down. And yet, that which you hear is but the smallest portion of what is said; for among the common people are disseminated certain horrible insinuations—insinuations which, if well founded, would justify the whole world in condemning the doctrine with its authors to a thousand fires and gibbets. Who can wonder that the popular hatred is inflamed against it, when credit is given to those most iniquitous accusations? See, why all ranks unite with one accord in condemning our persons and our doctrine!”

There it is. You see, Secularism and the downfall of all governments and religions benefits primarily, and ultimately, the Roman Papacy and its Jesuit Counter Reformation. All the nations that they had lost to the WASP’s during the Protestant Reformation will be returned to them through this system which uses two primary techniques to perform its task: 1. SECULARIST MATERIALISM-THUS CONVERTING THE PROTESTANTS TO ATHEISM 2.RACIAL AGITATION AND RACIAL GENOCIDE OF THE WHITE MAN.  The peoples that fled for their lives from the Roman Inquisition and the general murderous tendencies of Catholics (Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre-30 Years War) are now being blamed for finding refuge in foreign lands as if they stole them through an ambition for conquest. Clever Jesuits.