Thanks to the Pope’s slave trade (Dum Diversas in 1452, Romanus Pontifex 1455), and the Jesuit Order that fled to England under George III during their suppression (Memoirs of the Reign of King George the Third by Horace Walpole Vol.3, published in 1845, pg. 47), which ordered the flooding of Africans into our shores to start a race war and destroy our white Protestant Culture (See the Constitution of Virginia June 29, 1776, under the section regarding Virginia’s grievances with King George.), the Africans have been used over and over again  to utterly annihilate the White Anglo Protestant Culture of These Original Colonies.

This great resource catalogs the thousands of race hate crimes of blacks against whites, and as Ice T’s CD Cover shows the fascination that our media has ingrained into the white youth with savage black culture, pursuant unto the de-Christianization and savagizing of the white race in this land that will ultimately culminate in the exact horrors of Zimbabwe that our media is hiding from us.   I recently watched this documentary: “Mugabe and the White African”. The regime of Mugabe does not care about the social ills of the blacks in Zimbabwe. Mugabe (Jesuit trained at Kutama College) has used agitation of blacks against whites to destroy the whites and take possession of their lands and possessions (Just like Lenin did in Russia) as the property OF THE GOVERNMENT, while  telling the blacks that he is going to redistribute it to them (Just like Lenin in Russia); but he isn’t doing it.  He is redistributing the land in an extremely slow rate but not giving these few people equipment to use the land, therefore they are starving (Just like Lenin did in Russia!).  My black reader, the social ills that your Government, and its CFR controlled media and educational facilities have used to agitate you against the white people here are not meant to help you. They are meant to savagize you; to give you no hope of any future, thus demoralizing you and ushering you into a life of crime. These crimes that are being cataloged in this website:  will be used to present to this government, the same kind of question that was brought before the German Government concerning the Jews during the rise of the Nazi regime and that is: what is the answer to the Black problem?

Just as Mugabe has demonized the whites to justify a Communist Totalitarian Government, our Government will use you, to demonize your people to justify   a Fascist Totalitarian Government.  And as Carroll Quigley pointed out in his Tragedy and Hope, both of those groups are controlled by the same international banking organizations that created them in the first place, pursuant unto that old Illuminist agenda:   the destruction of all traditional governments and religions.

The solution: Secession, and Segregation. Nations for white people (some immigration accepted) and nations for black people. General separation of the races, disarms the primary weapon of the Jesuit NWO: racial agitation.