Just a couple minutes ago I checked in a gentleman at my hotel with this symbol attached to his credit card. I asked him, if he was in a Knights of Malta organization and he seemed puzzled. He said, no I am a member of the VFW, the Veterans of Foreign Wars (Created in 1936).  I had heard of this organization before, but I was shocked to see the brazen devotion to a Popish Military Cult, with its Maltese Cross. Thank’s mister for a good blog topic for today!  So here it goes: If you are a good little nigga-slave and you do your part for the Pope in massacring nations of people in wars of Conquest and Media manipulation pursuant unto the utter demon-ization of a country traditionally Protestant in culture, the Pope gives you an organization that will lobby to steal more money from the common man to pay for any medical needs you may need after fighting in his Crusades. Now you go fight those evil Germans and Muslims that I put in power so that I could justify killing  off the rest the Protestant and Islamic enemies to my papacy…………..that’s my bitch.