Why do office holders in the OPC and RPCNA keep contacting me about my Triadology work and admitting that my applications of Gordon Clark’s Scripturalism to Theology Proper and Triadology are true;  praising me in secret but not making their decisions public?

Why is it that Robert Letham will not allow our dialogue to be made public?

Why is it that Perry Robinson tapped out in a recent debate on Theology Proper when he was pressed on ontological distinctions and God ad intra?[http://greenbaggins.wordpress.com/2012/03/29/the-communication-of-attributes/]

Why is it that Jim Dodson, who used to run http://covenanter.org/ and has some articles up on swrb,  will not allow our 122 page dialogue on generic and numeric unity and its application to Theology Proper to be made public?

Why is it, that people from my old Church, the Free Church of Scotland cont., keep contacting me about this stuff?

And now we have Mr. James Anderson of the Van Til Cult. Mr. Anderson, why did you not reply to my blog about your mistaken interpretation of the Eastern Doctrine of Simplicity [https://eternalpropositions.wordpress.com/2011/09/23/james-anderson%E2%80%99s-mistaken-interpretation-of-eastern-triadology/] ?  Why did you delete my recent comments? I engaged your article in detail. Maybe you don’t care about the truth. Do you not want to face the truth? Are you afraid that your fan-club might lose some of its members? Guess what Mr. Anderson: when you deleted it, the fact that I commented on your blog still remained in the recent comments section and I keep getting referred hits. So thanks for showing your own people that you cannot deal rationally with my arguments!

Could it be that this arrogant, schismatic, caustic,  recluse of the most hated  racial and religious people group on the earth is right? Could it be that the Neoplatonic tradition in all its Anchoretic and Pseudo-Protestant manifestations is seeing its Ivory Tower crumble before them? Is it possible that in the next century Gordon Clark’s Philosophy works will  be standard issue in Protestant Seminaries and Bible Colleges?

James, your affirmation of the propositional thinking of God is an admission to Scripturalism. Just tap out man.